Eskişehir Speed ​​Train Station will be 10 line and 4 platformed

Eskişehir Speed ​​Train Station will be 10 line and 4 platformed
Speaking in the 2023 Vision Eskişehir panel TCDD Passenger Department President Gül said that a new gar project will be held in March and that there will be a new garage 10 line and 4 platform. 2023 projection in the cities of Eskisehir connected to the 214 YHT transition will be a day.
This year, due to the 24'i celebrated Tax Week, Anemon Hotel in the 2023 Vision Eskişehir was discussed. In the panel organized by the Tax Office, 'Air and rail transportation investments and defense industry investments' were discussed.
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Abdulkadir Gul, the President of TCDD Passenger Department, made a presentation titled 'Eskişehir in the vision of significant developments in railways and the vision of 2023 railways' and announced the tender date of the new Eskişehir station as 13 March 2013. Gül emphasized that TÜLOMSAŞ's contribution to the railway sector is undeniable. Gül stated that Eskişehir is now a brand in high-speed railway operations. Lyon, Frankfurt, Milan, Barcelona, ​​Osaka, Shanghai is considered the same category with world cities. This is a factor that increases the awareness of the city. We believe this will be a factor in choosing foreign investors in Eskişehir. Bun
Gül, who opened a separate parenthesis to YTU Eskişehir, continued his words as follows: par Cities are now suburb of each other with YHT. YHT has brought dynamism to the economic, social and cultural life of Ankara and Eskişehir. Trips, health and tourist travels were 15 before YHT and 40s after YHT. Gezi
The new station will be made in Eskişehir to provide information about the new head of the Department of Passenger Gul Guln xNUMX line and 10 line will be prepared according to the new announced. . The tender for the station project to be built on the platforms will be held on 4 March 13. TCDD with an annual 2013 million passenger capacity is tendered for a garage project in line with the operational and high-speed train vision. This new garage to be designed will be compatible with the existing underpass and platform. Integration between the new HRC garage and the current garage. The planned HRS station will be easy to integrate with urban transportation. The existing station with the YHT gar will serve as a transit station in general. Freight transports will be completely carried out in Hasanbey Logistics Center. ”He said. Rose, 15 projection from the cities of Eskişehir 2023 YHT transition will be connected to the day, he said.

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