Everything You Need to Know About Istanbul Airport! (Exclusive news)

about istanbul new airport
about istanbul new airport

Istanbul is being the world's largest airport. So what will the new airport be like? How many passengers will it host a year? How many square meters will it be? Here is everything you need to know about the 3rd airport.

Atatürk Airport Passenger Traffic: 45 million
Sabiha Gökçen Passenger Traffic: 15 million
Annual passenger capacity of the new airport: 150 million
Total vehicle capacity with outdoor and indoor parking lots: 70 bin
Total number of terminals: 4
The size of the 3rd airport: 77 million square meters
Approximate investment amount of the project: 7 million euros
Annual employment for the new airport: 125 thousand people
3rd airport total closed area: 1.5 million square meters
Total vehicle capacity with outdoor and indoor parking lots: 70 bin
Turkey's total air traffic: 130 million passengers
Total number of control towers: 8
Total number of pistes: 6
Aircraft parking capacity: 500 airplane
Total passenger bridge on terminals: 165
The last bid for the tender: 5 April 2013

What will happen in the 4 stage

1st stage:

  • 90 million passenger capacity
  • The main terminal of 680 thousand square meters
  • 170nd terminal building of 2 thousand square meters
  • 88 passenger bridges
  • Indoor parking for 12 thousand cars
  • 3 runways
  • 8 parallel taxiways
  • 4 million square meters of apron
  • 3 technical blocks
  • 1 tower
  • Honor hall
  • Hospital
  • Place of worship
  • Congress Center

2nd stage:

  • 1 runway
  • 3 parallel taxiways

3rd stage:

  • 500 thousand square meters in size
  • parallel taxiways
  • apron
  • extra runway
  • 30 million passenger capacity in total

4rd stage:

  • Terminal building of 340 thousand square meters
  • It has a capacity of 30 million passengers.
  • 1 runway
  • 1 apron

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