EGERAY commuter line will be the window of baggage

AK Party Izmir Deputy Hamza Dağ said that there is a little time left for the İZBAN suburban line to arrive in Torbalı. Dağ said, "EGERAY suburban line will be Torbal's window to the outside."
AK Party İzmir Youth Branch gave an iftar dinner to its members. Honorary guest of the dinner, AK Party İzmir Deputy Hamza Dağ attended the iftar and gave morale to the youth. Speaking at the dinner where many party members were present, Hamza Dağ asked them to start preparations for the election. In addition to İzmir Deputy Hamza Dağ, the Provincial Youth Branch President Bilal Kırkpınar, Provincial Secretary Merve Beşer, Provincial Secretary Merve Beşer, Provincial Coordinator Yusuf Demircioğlu, AK Party Torbalı District President Adnan Yaşar Görmez, District Deputy Chairmen Turgut invention and Hüseyin Söyler, District Youth Branch President Halil İbrahim Elçiboğa and members of the board of directors also attended.
Deputy Hamza Dağ, who said that the government has made pleasing investments in Torbalı, noted that the foundation of the 250-bed regional hospital will be laid as soon as possible. Explaining that he was closely interested in Torbalı, even though he was a second regional deputy, Hamza Dağ said that he closely followed his problems and troubles and made an effort for a solution. The mountain said, 'There are pleasing developments about the hospital. The foundation of the hospital will be laid as soon as possible. Torbalı's biggest need was the hospital. The existing hospital will have 2 beds and the hospital to be built will have 100 beds. This investment will give life to Torbalı.
Stating that the İZBAN suburban line has a short time to arrive in Torbalı, Dağ said, 'We are making the İZBAN line jointly with the Metropolitan Municipality. But without the support of the government, it is impossible for the Metropolitan to do this alone. İZBAN rails started to be laid in Pancar Mahallesi. We expect him to come to Torbalı as soon as possible ”. Expressing that the transportation of people with Torbal will be relaxed thanks to İZBAN who will come to the district, Dağ said, "EGERAY suburban line will be the window of Torbali people to the outside."
Saying that they are preparing very tightly for the next local elections, Dağ said, “Our team works from iftar to sahur in Ramadan. We want to make a difference in İzmir in the elections. We ask voters from Izmir and Torbali to vote for us and try it once. After seeing the investments we have made and the services we provide, the voter will always prefer to vote for us. We are assertive in elections and we work hard. We will work hard and take both Torbalı and İzmir Municipality, 'he said.

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