Interesting protest by students in Eskişehir against transportation hike

A group of students who wanted to protest the hike that Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality made for the tram and bus transportation first showed the theater to the citizens and then walked to the city hall by taking the market cart called "elramvay".
Arifiye Mahallesi A group of students who gathered on the two September Street, presented a theater to the citizens by designing the chairs they brought here in the form of a bus. Students in the theater they criticized the hike for the transportation of buses and trams demanded support from the citizens to withdraw the hike.
Later, the group that moves behind the student who takes the market basket called "elramvay", says "We do not use tram, but we use base tram", "raise back hikes", "free transportation to the student", "social municipality is not like this", "silence shout is right". He walked on the tramway, chanting slogans in front of the Metropolitan Municipality.
Alçay Çelik, who made a statement on behalf of the group in front of the municipality, stated that the hike coming to the public transportation victims all the people and students of Eskişehir. and 1 lira was 90 cents. The transfer fee is 1 cents, while the second student receives 80 cents difference from the Es card, ”he said.
"Does the Metropolitan Municipality, which defines itself as an institution providing social municipal services, takes into account the financial situation of students in Eskişehir, which is regarded as a" student city "?"
In this city, a student means a consumer, a customer. Here, the student pays between 500 and 800 TL for accommodation. Students use the card loading hank for potable water. Prices up to 2 lira are paid for the walking distance. This city, called the 'student city', is actually a city based on student exploitation. ”
Steel, transportation is a right, the people of Eskişehir and Anadolu University and Eskişehir Osmangazi University students in the most urgent withdrawal of these hikes should be withdrawn, or the struggle against the transportation will continue to mass struggle, he added.
After the announcement, the group singing the song they wrote "Es kartim empty hojam" was scattered without incident.

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