Why were tram stops excavated in Çankaya?

The residents of the neighborhood complained that the 'tram excavation work' started by the Metropolitan Municipality in the Çankaya District had stopped, and they were troubled by the lack of work for about two months. No explanation has been made by the municipality as to why the excavation stopped, [more…]


Rails were stolen from high-speed train construction

Train rails were stolen from the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) railway construction in Pamukova district of Sakarya. In the village of Cihadiye, on the Eskişehir-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Line, which is under construction, the train rails of a private company called algebra, unidentified people or [more…]


Railway Railroads

The one-kilometer pathway to the area of ​​the castle walls of the ancient city of Mobolla, whose history dates back to the 6th century in Muğla, was made from wooden sleepers used in the old railways. "Mobolla Ancient City Road" run by Muğla Municipality [more…]


Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Light Rail System Project The bids for the construction of 4 intermediate stations within the scope of the existing line (Station - New Terminal) were collected.

The bids of the tender for the “Construction of 4 intermediate stations within the scope of the Existing Line (Train Station - New Terminal)” to be held by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality were collected on 30 July 2012. According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; 1.829.000 for the tender in question [more…]

34 Istanbul

Marmaray / Mechanical Field Technician Job

General qualifications: graduating from the Departments of Machinery (Vocational School) of universities, Project reading and building heating-cooling, ventilation, plumbing, fire installation and so on. Experienced in minimum 3 years in applications, Preferably, have taken part in the projects of Rail Systems, Ms Office and AutoCAD [more…]

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