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The power lines of the high-speed train line, which is put into service between Konya and Ankara, after the stop of the high-speed train after the stop in Konya Train Station, the scissors section within the boundaries of the Konya Train Station. [more…]

Example: egeray izmir
35 Izmir

Egeray A First In The World

Egeray A First in the World: Republican People's Party (CHP) Vice Chairman Gökhan Günaydın's statements that 'the state's support for the Istanbul metro is not given for Egeray in Izmir' [more…]


Yılaz Özdil: What did you do…

The railways were the Germans. The British operated the French. The business language was French. The profession was closed to the Turks. In fact, the concessions did not cut the money paid, the German railroad engineer had laid the altar of Zeus with his feet laying the rail; [more…]


Train is a life

The Train is a Life compilation is a valuable work that tells people about the history of trains in the country, the trains, the people who witnessed cinema, coups, gatherings and every aspect of life. How is the train [more…]

34 Istanbul

100 seconds nostalgia tunnel

We mentioned the world's oldest underground transportation system, the London Underground, in one of our previous articles. This system opens new horizons in many countries and cities around the world. [more…]

tcdd permi

TCDD Permi Order Published

As will be remembered, the personnel working in the General Directorate of TCDD and Subsidiaries, which are among our sectoral demands and gains for TCDD personnel during the Collective Agreement process. [more…]

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