Station with Faulty Emergency Exit Door in İZBAN

Station with Faulty Emergency Exit Door in İZBAN: 4 emergency exit doors of Kemer Station in the Aliağa direction of İZBAN are also out of order. Citizens who want the doors to be repaired ask, "If there is a disaster here, who will take the account"

The 280 emergency exit doors at the Kemer Station of İZBAN, which is used by an average of 4 thousand people daily in İzmir, were broken when they were frequently used by insensitive citizens to go out by shortcut. The opening lever of 4 of the 3 emergency exit doors in the section used by those who want to go towards Aliağa was broken, and one of them does not open at all because of malfunction. When used by citizens who want to exit the short road, the emergency exit doors, which were chained in recent months, cannot be used this time because they need to be repaired. It is stated that emergency exit doors that cannot be used because they are defective after a stampede that may occur in cases of fire, explosion, terrorist attack, natural disaster and similar can cause deaths and major injuries. In the past months, the station staff locked the doors to prevent illegal entrances, as citizens who got off the train used emergency exit doors instead of turnstiles in order not to waste time and left these doors open. While the officers closed one of the doors with a wire, the other door was locked with a plastic chain, and the other was closed to the passage by putting a concrete pontoon in front of it. It was surprising that all 3 emergency exits were locked in different ways. Saying that he uses the İZBAN Kemer station every day, 64-year-old SGK retired Murat Bilen said, “These doors cannot be used because they have been defective for days. The doors shouldn't stay like this for even a minute. Because you never know what will happen when. The doors should be made operational before a disaster occurs, ”he said.

The 45-year-old plumber Selahattin Taş said, “If the emergency exit doors are out of use, it may cause deaths and injuries when a disaster occurs tomorrow. Authorities need to take care and repair these doors as soon as possible. Thousands of people use this station every day. "People did not find their lives on the street," he said. 37-year-old medical staff member Murat Sönmez said, “Apart from an incident such as fire or accident, one of the citizens may also have a heart attack. In heart attacks, every second counts. Thanks to the emergency exit doors, the patient can be taken to the ambulance more quickly. However, in this case, it will be very difficult to transport the patient. For this reason, the doors should be repaired and fixed ”. Güldane Karaosmanoğulları (46), 46 years old SGK retired, said, “Should someone die or an incident happen to repair emergency exit doors? It is not clear when what will happen to a person. "Doors should be put into operation before someone gets hurt," he said.

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