16 Bursa

The native tram, Altepe would produce!

In its first production, major roads were excavated. Daily life was negatively affected. The underground line between Merinos- Altıparmak- Atatürk Street and the junction with bridge to Merinos could be made simultaneously. Monetary [more…]

Intercity Railways

Bomb Attack on Freight Train at Muş

As a result of the explosion of terrorists on the rails between Kale-Kurt railway stations in Muş, 5 wagons of the freight train were derailed. It was learned that there were charcoal that was sent to earthquake survivors in Van on the train. [more…]

35 Izmir

To all ESHOT officials

I live on Bostanlı Martyrs Boulevard. I work in Alsancak. I use Bostanlı Ferry Port for transportation. Sometimes IZBAN. But reaching Alsancak with İZBAN is more time now with the new change. [more…]