Rails of the Train Rails

In the İshakçelebi town of Saruhanlı district of Manisa, 700 people who stole by removing the fastening screws of the train rails of 3 meters length were caught as a result of the gendarme's follow-up. According to the information obtained, in the region [more…]


Unknown Aspects of Railroads

Mehmet Aycı, whose name is a trainer writer among the train lovers with his book “My Serkisof Dude Becomes”, contains unknown details about the railway in his new book, “Şimendifer”. Until today [more…]

06 Ankara

Ankara subways to new facies

The Chamber of Civil Engineers (İMO) Ankara Branch added a new one to the previous Ankara subway construction warnings. İMO, as a result of the technical analyzes it conducted, the groundwater of the dentists in the region and [more…]


TCDD retirees to read the Mevlit

The Izmit Branch of the TCDD Pensioners Social Assistance Association, which is the public interest association of which Turan Eray is the head, continues a tradition. TCDD Retired Association's transition to eternity [more…]


Rail Transport in Samsun

As of 15.00, normal transportation was started in the light rail system, some of which was closed to transportation due to heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding. Flood and stream floods [more…]