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Kadıköy-Kartal Metro Station Names

Kadıköy-Kartal Metro names are as follows: Yenikapı Station, Şehzadebaşı Station, Unkapanı Station, Şişhane Station, Taksim Station, Osmanbey Station, Şişli Station, Gayrettepe Station, Levent Station, 4. Levent Station, Sanayi Mahallesi Station, ITU [more…]

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TCDD 6 is taking high speed train

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate of Property, the hourly rate that can pass 300 6 kilometers Total Very High Speed ​​Train (YHT) 1 set and opened the tender for the supply of simulators. Formal [more…]

06 Ankara

Hacettepe University Rail System Engineering Opens

Preliminary studies have started for the first rail system engineering education in Turkey within the body of Hacettepe University Faculty of Engineering. Hacettepe Teknokent AŞ Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Murat Karaşen, a new project that will contribute to Turkey's economy [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metrobus System is Established in Mecca-i Mükerreme

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş said that Istanbul is an example to the world with its 50-kilometer-long metrobus system, which carries 33 thousand passengers per hour. President Topbaş, after Punjab, also stated that the metrobus system in Makkah-i Mükerreme [more…]

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Banks 3. wins the tender for the İçtaş-Astaldi Group

The banks that did not give credit to the electricity distribution tenders followed the İçtaş-Astaldi Group, which won the 3rd Bridge tender. 5 different financial consortiums have already knocked on İçtaş-Astaldi's door. Banks that do not give credit to companies that won electricity distribution tenders, [more…]

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YHTye Sincan Coup

13 In March 2009, the High Speed ​​Train from Ankara where Prime Minister Erdoğan came on board and sat in the driver's seat at the entrance to Eskişehir came to Eskişehir. Since then 6 million 110 to date with YHT [more…]

wuhan subway map
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Map of Wuhan Metro

Wuhan Metro Map: Wuhan Metro, Wuhan Metro Co., Ltd. is a rapid transit system serving Wuhan City (Hubei). The subway networks that were put into service in 2004 are highly developed. [more…]