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Guest Post

How to Find Qibla Direction Online?

Muslims praying in a foreign place are generally looking for answers to the following questions: Where is the qibla? How can I find the qibla? Which direction is the qibla? Finding answers to these and similar questions, which we can further increase, is the most basic [more…]

Antique Dealers Bazaar Offered to the Service of Istanbulites
34 Istanbul

Antiques Bazaar was put into the service of Istanbulites

Üsküdar Municipality put the Antique Dealers' Bazaar, which bears traces of Üsküdar's historical heritage, into the service of Istanbulites in Mimar Sinan Square. Antiques Bazaar, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Science Spreading Foundation Necmeddin Bilal Erdoğan, Üsküdar Mayor Hilmi [more…]


We Redesign Living Spaces

Macitler Furniture, the number one brand of Turkish furniture, ranks first in the ranking of the best furniture companies in Turkey and even in the world. Combining world trends with Turkish furniture and Turkish culture [more…]

Working on the Golden Horn Bridge Metrobus Road
34 Istanbul

Work on the Golden Horn Bridge Metrobus Road

The asphalt of the metrobus road on the Golden Horn Bridge will be renewed. During the work to be carried out between 14 – 19 November, metrobuses will leave the preferential road and use the normal road on the bridge. Affiliated with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) [more…]