Tesla Brings Its Jinn Employees to the USA
86 China

Tesla Takes Chinese Employees to America

A group of skilled workers from China is sent to Fremont to the USA to seriously increase production. Of the four factories of Tesla that produce electric cars and are still active, the facility that gives Elon Musk the most happiness is, [more…]

Public Holidays

Public Holidays in 2023

For those who work all year, public holidays also mean a little rest break. Especially the public holidays combined with the weekend can turn into a break for those who plan their leave in advance. online bus, [more…]

Abali Ski Center Will Be Rented

Abalı Ski Center Will Be Rented

Van Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate, the ski room, chair lift, chair lift and cafeteria in Gevaş Abalı Ski Facilities, according to the 2886th article of the State Tender Law No. 45, with the open bid method. [more…]

What are Faltors that Trigger Hearing Loss?

What Are the Factors That Trigger Hearing Loss?

Hearing and Balance Disorders Specialist Audiologist Önder Paksoy gave important information on the subject. Önder Paksoy, The importance of hearing health is increasing day by day, especially in metropolitan life, intense noise and mobility can also cause hearing loss. [more…]

Millions of Savings from IZDENIZ
35 Izmir

2022 Million Savings from İZDENİZ in 7,5

Increasing the service quality and frequency of voyages in sea transportation, İZDENİZ A.Ş. He now repairs his ships, which he had to send to Istanbul for maintenance and repair in previous years, in Izmir. Thus, İZDENİZ A.Ş. 2022 million in 7,5 [more…]

Balkan Cities Park and Monument Opened
34 Istanbul

Balkan Cities Park and Monument Opened

IMM, the Balkan Cities Park and Monument, which saved the coast of Zeytinburnu Kazlıçeşme Mahallesi from its old derelict state and brought it back to its new face, President Ekrem İmamoğlu and 9 Balkan cities with the participation of the mayors. [more…]

Age of Asik Veysel Center for Barrier-Free Life
06 Ankara

Aşık Veysel Disabled Life Center is 1 Year Old

Aşık Veysel Barrier-Free Life Center, which was put into service by Çankaya Municipality last year, celebrated its 1st year with disabled individuals and their families. In the celebration program where the artist Serenad Bağcan gave a mini concert, the participants were also [more…]