Sakarya's Wagon Rental is Opening Tomorrow
54 Sakarya

Sakarya's Wagon Coffeehouse Opens Tomorrow

The Wagon Coffeehouse, which was brought into the social life of the city by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, opens. President Ekrem Yüce wishing that the project implemented in the Mithatpaşa region of Sakarya, the center of the Turkish wagon industry, would be beneficial. [more…]

Eurasia Tunnel Refreshes Vehicle Passage Record
34 Istanbul

Eurasia Tunnel Renews Vehicle Passage Record

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu pointed out that the Eurasia Tunnel renewed its record, and announced that the record was renewed on Wednesday, November 9, with 71 thousand 110 vehicles. 266 of the motorcyclist driving the tunnel [more…]

TUBITAK Artificial Intelligence Supports Announced
34 Istanbul

TÜBİTAK Artificial Intelligence Supports Announced

Projects that are worth supporting within the scope of TÜBİTAK's Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem Call will be announced in Istanbul on Sunday, November 13. “Artificial Artificial Intelligence”, which was opened for the first time by TÜBİTAK Technology and Innovation Support Programs Presidency (TEYDEB) in 2022. [more…]

Two New Exports from STM to NATO
06 Ankara

Two New Exports from STM to NATO

STM ThinkTech, Turkey's first technology-focused think tank, was developed by NATO to support decision-making processes in the face of strategic shocks such as pandemics, large-scale power outages, cyber attacks and human movements. [more…]

Sunestekin will tell the story of people without smell
35 Izmir

Güneştekin Will Tell the Story of Rootless People

The people of Izmir are getting ready to listen to the master writer Yaşar Kemal through the eyes of master painter Ahmet Güneştekin. The talk “The language of migration of Yaşar Kemal with the expression of Güneştekin” will begin at 17 on 18.00 November at Kültürpark Atlas Pavilion. Güneştekin, Yaşar Kemal's "The Island" [more…]

Panel and Workshop for Disabled Parents
35 Izmir

Panel and Workshop for Disabled Parents

The Parent Information and Education Center, which was established by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in 2021, continues its efforts to strengthen the disabled and their families. Today, a panel and workshop was held at the Historical Coal Gas Factory with the participation of approximately 400 parents. [more…]

Karaelmas Tourism Express Route Announced
18 Cankiri

Karaelmas Tourism Express Route Introduced

Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Nadir Alpaslan came to Çankırı with the 'Karaelmas Tourism Express', which is planned to be restarted on the Ankara-Zonguldak line. The route of the express was introduced to tourism professionals. Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Alpaslan [more…]

Hold Too Many Drills Have Been Held Across Turkey

'Collapse and Hold' Exercise Held across Turkey

In Turkey and in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), on the occasion of the anniversary of the 12 November 1999 Düzce Earthquake, a “grab a trap” exercise was held at 18.57:XNUMX. Within the scope of the exercise, which was implemented for the first time across the country, [more…]