Yusufeli Dam Relocation Roads Put into Service
08 Artvin

Yusufeli Dam Relocation Roads Opened

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan; Yusufeli Dam Relocation Roads, which includes 56,7 tunnels with a length of 39 kilometers, 3 bridges and viaducts of 615 thousand 19 meters, has been put into service. Minister of Transport and Infrastructure [more…]

The Foundation of the Findikli Social Life Center was laid
34 Istanbul

Groundbreaking for Fındıklı Social Life Center

While IMM laid the foundation of the Fındıklı Social Life Center within the scope of the '150 Projects in 150 Days' marathon, Altayçeşme Park, which was completely renovated in line with the demands of the citizens, reopened it. “From infrastructure to transportation, green spaces, education [more…]

ERP Software
Guest Post

ERP Program (ERP Software)

ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning”. The Turkish equivalent of ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning. The ERP program is used to organize the functioning of an institution and to provide an interconnected management. Contemporary corporate governance [more…]

Paper cup
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How is Paper Cup Produced?

Cardboard cups are a complementary product in beverage consumption. It is a service material at the points where hot or cold drinks are consumed heavily. Consumption of the product, which is used intensively, is realized rapidly. production to meet this consumption. [more…]

Medusa Dining Table
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How to Choose a Dining Table?

Dining tables are one of the meeting points in the house with family members or friends. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the dining tables, which are among the indispensable items of the houses. In this way, comfortable, convenient and comfortable life [more…]

Wrong Sleep Position Can Cause Bees

Wrong Sleep Position Can Cause Bees!

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Associate Professor Ahmet İnanır gave important information on the subject. There are many factors that affect the health of the spine. One of these factors is sleeping positions. Wrong sleeping positions can cause pain in the body. [more…]

New Striking UAV from ASELSAN
06 Ankara

New Striking UAV from ASELSAN

ASELSAN introduced the new multi-rotor ammunition unmanned flying system Striker UAV. The Striking UAV is the target, which is entered by the user or determined by real-time imagery as a result of reconnaissance and surveillance, to the aircraft. [more…]

Exercises that Home Office Employees Can Do

Exercises Home Office Employees Can Do

Digitalization has provided great convenience in human life and will continue to provide benefits in terms of both human life and the development of sectors in the coming days. Digitization has also had many effects on business life. [more…]

Winners of Entrepreneurship World Cup Announced

Winners of Entrepreneurship World Cup Announced

The winners of the Entrepreneurship World Cup have been announced. Ollang was chosen as the first online translation service provider, and Scourge Mobility, which offers a turnkey business model in the fields of scooter and e-mobility, was chosen as the second. Entrepreneur Women Special Award [more…]

Every Child Art Project Started in Ankara
06 Ankara

'Art for Every Child' Project Started in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality introduces the children of the Capital City to music within the scope of the “Art for Every Child” project. In project scope; Children will be the first to receive music education, including violin, cello and choir, by expert instructors and academicians. [more…]

'Smart Ankara Project' Was Promoted
06 Ankara

'Smart Ankara Project' was introduced

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality introduced the “Smart Ankara Project” within the scope of sustainable transportation projects. Within the scope of the project where the "Electric Bicycle Sharing System" to be carried out by the EGO General Directorate will be implemented; 408 electric bikes for citizens to rent [more…]