gabion fence
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4 Advantages of Gabion Fence

Fencing is an essential element of any property, especially if it is a private home. The house needs to be completed aesthetically and positively affect the safety of the residents. Different types of fences to choose from [more…]

Turkey's First Accessible Pool Opened in Bagcilar
34 Istanbul

Turkey's First Accessible Pool Opened in Bağcılar

Within the scope of the “Children and Youth Financial Support Program for 2021”, with the support of the Istanbul Development Agency, with the partnership of Bağcılar District Governorate, Bağcılar Municipality and Medipol University, Turkey's first sensory integration-based in-water therapy pool [more…]

Possible Taskins Will Be Predicted Hourly

Possible Floods Will Be Predicted 72 Hours Ahead

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry continues its efforts to prevent damages in the settlements and agricultural lands that are at risk of flooding in our country. In this context, in the project, where preliminary investigation and planning studies were started in 2021, flood traps were used. [more…]

Renewable Energy Demand Will Increase Percent

Renewable Energy Demand to Increase 2023 Percent in 11

As we enter the last quarter of 2022, forecasts about what awaits different sectors in 2023 have also started to be published. In the Economist Intelligence Unit's Industry Outlook 2023 report, which offers actionable insights across seven different industries, e-commerce's growth rate is 6,1%. [more…]

Incorrect Information About Waist Fit

9 Misconceptions About Lumbar Hernia

Neurosurgery Specialist Dr. Lecturer Murat Hamit Aytar told 9 wrong information about herniated disc, which is thought to be true in the society; made important recommendations and warnings. Low back pain is common in our society. [more…]

CEVHER Grant Program Begins
16 Bursa

CEVHER Grant Program Begins

Coşkunöz Education Foundation is implementing the CEVHER Grant Program to contribute to the development of vocational and technical education and qualified employment throughout Turkey. In the program that will start this year, qualified vocational training programs will be offered. [more…]

How Kayseri's New Tram Was Designed
38 Kayseri

How Was Kayseri's New Tram Designed?

Memduh Büyükkılıç stated that they received the first tram vehicle of the Anafartalar-Şehir Hospital-Furniture City Tram Line with a magnificent ceremony and said, “Congratulations, my Kayseri. Our Kayseri deserves the best of all services.” President Büyükkılıç, Transportation [more…]