Villa for rent
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Rental Villa

If you want to experience a luxurious accommodation in Antalya in all seasons, you can take advantage of affordable rental villa options. You can take a look at our rich options for Rental Villa services. Villa for rent for those who want to have a wonderful holiday experience [more…]

Citroenden Zero Interest Autumn Deal

Zero Interest Autumn Deal from Citroen

The cars of the world of Citroen, which add comfort and color to life, put a smile on the face of those who want to buy a new vehicle with special loan opportunities in November. Zero-interest advantage for the automobile and light commercial product range [more…]

Thousand Fish Released to Izmit Bay
41 Kocaeli

6 Thousand Fish Released to Izmit Bay

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which has realized its investments by valuing nature and living things, continues its fish release activities within the scope of Izmit Bay Fishing Project. This is the ceremony of releasing fish, which was held on many shores of the Gulf before. [more…]

Long-Term Workers at a Desk Attention

Long-Term Desk Workers Attention!

Neck hernia is one of the most common diseases. There are many factors that cause neck hernia. Neurosurgery Specialist Op.Dr.Mustafa Örnek gave important information about the subject. Neck hernia, straining the spine, accidents, [more…]

Alevi Bektashi Culture and Djemevi Presidency Established

Alevi-Bektashi Culture and Djemevi Presidency Established

The Presidential Decree on the establishment of the “Alevi-Bektashi Culture and Cemevi Presidency” within the body of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism was published in the Official Gazette. Presidency on Making Amendments to Some Presidential Decrees published with the signature of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan [more…]

Vehicle Coating Foil

Vehicle Wrapping Foil

Vehicle wrapping foil is a process that can be easily applied to the upper surface of the vehicle body, in the color or pattern desired by the vehicle owner, without damaging or changing the paint of the vehicle. Matte, glossy, metallic, or in different patterns [more…]

Internet Speed ​​Test

Internet Speed ​​Test

Nowadays, it is of critical importance that the internet, which we prefer in all areas of our lives, is fast due to its practicality and efficiency. So what is internet speed? Internet speed is delivered to your devices via your internet connection. [more…]

Operation Detention for Social Media Scams
06 Ankara

Operation on Social Media Scams: 47 Detentions

In the simultaneous operation carried out in 11 Ankara-based provinces, 58 of the 47 suspects were detained. In the operation carried out in 11 provinces based in Ankara, they seized the social media accounts of the citizens and made high profits for their friend groups. [more…]

Fighting Cyber ​​Bullying at the Step of the Security
06 Ankara

Fighting Cyberbullying in 6 Steps from the Police

Within the scope of the "fight against cyberbullying", citizens were asked to hide their evidence if they do not respond to friend, follow or message requests from people they do not know and if they experience victimization. General Directorate of Security Combating Cybercrime [more…]