Corporate Gift Packages

Corporate Gift Packages

Corporate gift packages given to business partners, customers or company employees are the best option in terms of strengthening business relations and advertising. Corporate gift packages; celebrate anniversaries, employees [more…]

Tips to Prevent Ingrown Nails

Tips to Prevent Ingrown Nails

Memorial Ataşehir Hospital, Department of Dermatology, Prof. Dr. Necmettin Akdeniz gave information about ingrown nails and its treatment. prof. Dr. Necmettin Akdeniz said the following about ingrown nails: [more…]

Cinde Yilda Thousand Wetlands Project Implemented
86 China

10 Wetland Projects Implemented in 3 Years in China

The rate of protected wetlands in China has increased to 52,65 percent, the ecological environment has been continuously improved. According to the information obtained from the National Forestry and Rangeland Administration of China, a total of 602 countries across the country so far. [more…]

Award Winners Found in National Bursa Photographers Marathon
16 Bursa

Awards Found at the National Bursa Photographers Marathon

The photographers who achieved degrees in the National Bursa Photographers Marathon with the theme of 'The Tastes of Bursa and Bursa Gastronomy Festival', organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality for the second time this year, were awarded. Bursa Photography Art Association of Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

Odemis Suspended Plants and Nursery Exhibition Opened
35 Izmir

Ödemiş Ornamental Plants and Nursery Exhibition Opened

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyerattended the opening of the Ödemiş Ornamental Plants and Nursery Exhibition. Stating that they have become dependent on imports with the wrong agricultural policies, President Soyer said, “There is a need for an agricultural planning institution. [more…]

Offroad Last Leg in Kahramanmarasta
46 Kahramanmaras

Offroad Last Leg in Kahramanmaraş

The 2022th and last race of Petlas 7 Turkey Offroad Championship will be held in Kahramanmaraş by Kahramanlar Offroad Sports Club on 05-06 November. In the organization to be held under the sponsorship of ICRYPEX and Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality, there were also Iranian [more…]

Future Scientists Compete in Diyarbakir
21 Diyarbakir

Future Scientists Compete in Diyarbakır

Secondary school students from 57 provinces of Turkey carry out research projects in many fields from digital transformation to wearable technologies, from food safety to space technologies. 10 projects in 180 branches such as technological design and software were awarded degrees in Diyarbakır. [more…]

Eren Operations Continue
12 Bingol

Eren Operations Continue

Within the scope of Eren Operations, in the operations carried out by the Gendarmerie General Command in the Bitlis Sehi Forests Armory, Bingöl Sağgöze, Mardin So-called Ömeryan shelter and Hakkari İkiyakalar Kepre Plateau; 1x Lava Gun, 1x [more…]

Historical Arasta Carsisi Revival
38 Kayseri

Historical Arasta Bazaar is Reviving

With the cooperation of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and Kayseri Governor's Office, the efforts to bring the historical Arasta Bazaar, which is located in the historical Karamustafa Pasha Complex, one of the symbols of the İncesu district, to tourism continues at full speed. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

Old and neglected parks of the capital are being renewed
06 Ankara

Old and neglected parks of the capital are being renewed

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which started renovation works in the old and neglected parks of the capital, carried out maintenance-repair work in the "Butterfly Park" in Etimesgut district. While the pool is made available after the works, the park can be accessed without any barrier-free distinction. [more…]

The th Branch of ANFA Plant Houses Opened in Cukurambar
06 Ankara

6th Branch of ANFA Plant Houses Opened in Çukurambar

Bringing seasonal flowers and plants together with the capital city residents for years at affordable prices, the Metropolitan Municipality opened the 6th branch of ANFA Plant Houses in Çukurambar. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality ANFA Plant House aims to expand its service area and open new branches. [more…]