Attention to Eye Allergy in Pandemic!

Important suggestions for eye health in spring
Important suggestions for eye health in spring

Itching, discharge, burning, stinging ... While eye health is more important than ever during the spring months we spend under the shadow of the epidemic disease of the century coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, eye diseases are also increasing due to the unique characteristics of spring.

Acıbadem International Hospital Ophthalmology Specialist Dr. Nezih Özdemir “Eye allergy, which is a very common complaint, or allergic conjunctivitis, with its medical name, can often develop in spring due to pollen, house dust and chemicals. Wiping your hands on your eyes involuntarily during the pandemic process can pave the way for Covid-19 infection through the eyes, ”he says. Emphasizing that eye infection can be confused with allergic conjunctivitis and therefore treatment can be delayed, Ophthalmology Specialist Dr. Nezih Özdemir made important warnings and suggestions.

Many factors, especially pollen, which increase in the spring months, negatively affect our eye health. While conjunctivitis, popularly known as an eye infection, is triggered by the spring, it is very common in both adults and children. Stating that allergic conjunctivitis, which can cause complaints such as redness, tearing, burring and visual impairment, especially in the eyes, when the body's immune system becomes sensitive to these allergens and reacts to these allergens, Acıbadem International Hospital Ophthalmology Specialist Dr. Nezih Özdemir “Nowadays, we frequently encounter complaints such as redness, swelling, itching, burning, clear watery discharge and light sensitivity in the eyes. Eye allergies can also be accompanied by upper respiratory tract allergies, which occur with symptoms such as itching and congestion in the nose. "Head and sore throat, dry cough and itching in the throat can also be seen with seasonal eye allergies," he says.

Is it an infection? Is it an allergy?

Stating that many factors, from pollen to medicines and certain foods, from cosmetics such as perfume to upper respiratory tract infections, can directly affect our eyes, Dr. Noting that upper respiratory tract infections can be viral as well as bacterial, Nezih Özdemir says: “Since the eye infection can be confused with allergic conjunctivitis, the treatment can be delayed as the patient hesitates to go to the hospital during the pandemic process. However, eye diseases are not neglected. Ophthalmologists detect the allergic reaction by looking at the tissue changes on the eye surface with special examination devices in order to find a solution to the problem and to distinguish the difference between infection and allergy. Since eye allergies share similar findings with other eye diseases, it is important to make a diagnosis by taking the patient's history. "

If dirty hands come into contact with eyes!

Stating that eye health has become much more open to risks during the pandemic process, Dr. Nezih Özdemir warned that when we put our hands on our eyes, which are in constant contact with the environment, it may pave the way for Covid-19 infection through the eyes, saying, “It is very important that the hands are not taken to the eyes, clean and disposable tissue paper is used and this tissue is disposed of after use. The contact of dirty hands with the eyes paves the way for microbes to easily infect the eyes, especially in people with low immunity. For this reason, hands should not be contacted with the eyes and should be washed frequently with soap, ”he says. Stating that the computer screen and ambient temperature are also threats to eye health, dry eyes occur when the room temperature is high and the humidity is low. Nezih Özdemir says that one should not stay in front of the computer and tablet for a long time and neglect to rest the eyes from time to time.

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