E-Commerce between Azerbaijan and Turkey have signed a Memorandum of Understanding

azerbaycan between e-commerce agreement has been signed with zap turkey
azerbaycan between e-commerce agreement has been signed with zap turkey

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan attended a roundtable meeting with Azerbaijani Economy Minister Mikayıl Cabbarov and NGO leaders in the Turkish and Azerbaijani business world within the scope of his Baku talks. In his speech at the meeting, Pekcan said that they are proud of the success of Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh and that today, as representatives of the business world and government, they come together to crown their success in the field with economic success.

The Preferential Trade Agreement between Turkey and Azerbaijan entered into force on March 1, 2021 reminding Pekcan "significant deepening of our bilateral trade diversification. We started working on expanding the scope of this agreement. However, we aim to proceed with the vision of a single nation and continue as a single market and complete it with a Free Trade Agreement. In this direction, we must ensure the most comprehensive cooperation in economic relations and make the best use of opportunities together. also for the economy of the deepening of economic cooperation between Turkey and Azerbaijan will express many things. Furthermore, the growing economic cooperation between Azerbaijan and Turkey, our interaction with the Turkic Republics in Central Asia will strengthen together. In this way, we must continue our work jointly to strategically advance our economic cooperation, with both a bilateral and a regional understanding. " said.

Pekcan, Turkey's EU with the existing Customs Union agreement of important where up to Azerbaijan's also extremely important to see that existing preferential trade arrangements with third countries, especially Ukraine, Georgia and the Commonwealth of Independent States entry into markets such as community and geography of Azerbaijan in terms of interaction with the market He stated that they are aware of the advantage it provides to investors.

the bilateral investment relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan said it is quite satisfactory at a level Pekcan, invest more will continue to give every support to the government for the increase, for it "road show" reported s will edit.

Pekcan Azerbaijan's Nagorno-Karabakh in Azerbaijan relations with Turkey after its victory in the sense that each creates a new expansion facilities, bilateral trade, he said, uncovering new opportunities for investment and logistics.

Reminding that the transition process between the two countries started with identity on April 1, Pekcan said, “We, as the state, will provide you with all kinds of convenience, but you also need to take a role. Our business world plays a very important role in evaluating this new era and the opportunities it brings. In the new period, issues such as infrastructure and superstructure projects in regions liberated from occupation, increasing commercial activities with new investments and factories in these regions, emerging logistics opportunities, more active use of the route described as 'Middle-Corridor' and strengthening the importance of Azerbaijan in logistics, These are the areas where we need to focus on and get results with a proactive approach. Together, in close cooperation and coordination, we must achieve this work, we will succeed. " He spoke in the form.

Pekcan, as Turkey said it was the same views on the development of relations of both Azerbaijan state officials "to facilitate trade, improve the cooperation in customs and logistics, we take a lot of technical issues within the framework of the important agenda issues such as mutual enhancement of investment, we agree to resolve." he spoke.

Referring to the importance of the e-Commerce Memorandum of Understanding signed today, Pekcan said, “We invest in the future of our relations by working on innovative fields such as e-Commerce. Our aim is to turn (memorandum of understanding) into a digital economic partnership agreement. We will immediately start our work in this direction. " found the assessment.

"We can take economic relations to a whole new dimension"

Pointing out that they are open to all kinds of demands and suggestions from the business world, Pekcan said:

“We have entered a new era in commercial and economic relations between our countries. The entry into force of our Preferential Trade Agreement, the expansion of its scope, the new opportunities brought by the Karabakh victory, the new investments to be made in Karabakh, the transformation created by the pandemic process in the global economy and the new opportunities that have emerged, all these create the need to look at our bilateral trade and economic relations with a new strategic vision. We expect this from you too. In order to seize opportunities in mutual trade and investment, we must act more effectively, in coordination and speed than ever before. Together we can move into a whole new dimension of Turkey-Azerbaijan economic relations. We sincerely believe that we will achieve this with the perseverance and efforts of our business people and the support that our states will provide to our business people. "

"Priority will be given to Turkish companies in the development of regions liberated from occupation"

Cabbarova Azerbaijan Economy Minister, said that they intend to expand trade relations with Turkey. Stating that the trade volume of the two countries decreased by 2020 percent due to the pandemic in 8 and was 4,2 billion dollars, Cabbarov said, “Since our joint work and the Preferential Trade Agreement that entered into force will contribute to the growth of our commercial relations, I am sure that we will achieve a trade volume figure above 2019 figures by the end of the year. " said.

Cabbarov noted that efforts are continuing to expand the scope of the Preferential Trade Agreement and that the e-Commerce Memorandum of Understanding will also contribute to the development of commercial relations.

Stating that more than 4 thousand 200 Turkish companies are operating in Azerbaijan and the sister country is in the first place in the ranking, Cabbarov stated that Turkish companies are also leaders in this field by winning more than 16,3 public tenders worth $ 300 billion in Azerbaijan. Cabbarova Turkish investors that the $ 13 billion invested in Azerbaijan, countries in investments in non-oil sector, he said Turkey's first. Azerbaijan to Turkey is also the largest investment abroad, reminding Cabbarova reported that these investments reached 19 billion dollars. Cabbarov said, “We will give priority to Turkish companies in the development of regions liberated from the occupation. It is pleasing to receive many applications from Turkish businessmen on this issue. used the expressions.

After the meeting Pekcan and Cabbarova, Turkey signed a Memorandum of Understanding between Azerbaijan and e-Commerce.

Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union at the meeting (TOBB) President Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, Turkey Tradesmen and Artisans Confederation (TESK) Chairman Bendevi Palandöken, Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) President Ismail Shot, Association of Independent Industrialists and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD) President Abdurrahman Kaan, Turkey The President of the Contractors Association (TMB) Erdal Eren was also present.

Within the scope of the event, an agreement was signed between TESK and Azerbaijan Businessmen Confederation.

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