Enes Çakmak, Appointed as the Deputy General Manager of DHMI, took over the task

dhmi general, enes cakmak took over the task
dhmi general, enes cakmak took over the task

Enes Çakmak, who was appointed as the Deputy General Manager of the State Airports Administration, took over from Mehmet Karakan.

Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager Hüseyin Keskin, Deputy General Managers Mehmet Ateş, İsmail Selay Mürey, Erhan Ümit Ekinci, Enes Çakmak and Department Heads attended the handover ceremony held at DHMİ Headquarters Blue Hall.

Speaking at the ceremony, General Manager Hüseyin Keskin said, “I pray that the life of our esteemed Deputy General Manager Mr. Mehmet Karakan will be better than his past life, healthy, happy, peaceful, more energetic and more beneficial. May Allah grant us such auspicious services to retire. On behalf of my institution, all my friends and the aviation community, I would like to thank him for his efforts. This is also the handover ceremony. I congratulate Mr. Enes Çakmak who took over the task and wish him success. " said.

Taking the floor after the speech of the General Manager, the Deputy General Managers also expressed their feelings.

Mehmet Ateş, Member of the Board of Directors and Deputy General Manager, said: “We have been working side by side with Mr. Mehmet Karakan, my dear General Manager, our General Manager for years. Itself; The gentleman, who loves his country, attaches importance to national values, has knowledge, is appreciated not only for his work but for his intellectual knowledge, is a decent personality. I wish him success in his life from now on. "

Stating that he has been working with Mehmet Karakan for a long time, our Deputy General Manager İsmail Selay Mürey said, “I would like to thank Deputy General Manager Mehmet Karakan in your presence. In my life from now on, I first wish a healthy life with his family. If we have the right, we are halal. " said

Deputy General Manager Erhan Ümit Ekinci stated that Mehmet Karakan was an important name for them and said: “He is a name who has made great contributions to the General Directorate of State Airports Administration. Our path crossed a lot when I was both the Head of the Construction and Real Estate Department and the Head of the Support Services Department. We worked under our Esteemed General Manager in both Presidencies. We did very good work. He is a hardworking, honest, rare statesman who knows the manners of the state very well. I thank him very much for his contribution to this situation. We wish him good health and success in his future life. "

In his speech, Mehmet Karakan said, “I spent 19 years at DHMİ. This is where I have worked longest. This is my favorite place. DHMİ is a very different organization. It is a dynamic organization that follows more active, up-to-date developments, follows modern devices and establishes navigation systems with modern devices, and makes faster and quicker decisions. I worked here with peace of mind, without anybody's dignity. Thank you very much to all my friends. I hope we all have better days, ”he said.

After the speeches, Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager Keskin presented flowers and paintings to Mehmet Karakan in memory of his efforts and contributions to DHMİ.

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