Kömürhan Bridge Connection Tunnel and Road

the way of the komurhan bridge with the connection tunnel
the way of the komurhan bridge with the connection tunnel

Kömürhan Bridge Project includes the construction of the road with a double-tube tunnel with 4.820 vehicle passages and a bridge connection tunnel with 4 crossings with a total length of 4 m. The "Kömürhan Bridge Connection Tunnel and Road" Project, which is ranked 4th in the world ranking in terms of its middle span in the single-pylon category and will become a crossing point for 16 provinces of Eastern Anatolia when its construction is completed, has an important place in logistics. With the completion of this "special technological bridge" class, the route between Malatya and Elazığ will be shortened significantly.

  • Project Location: Malatya-Elazığ / TURKEY
  • Employer: TR General Directorate of Highways (KGM)
  • Total Road Length: 5,2 km, Width = 23 m
  • Excavation: 1.175.000 m³
  • Tunnel Excavation: 440.000 m³
  • Filling: 500.000 m³
  • Plant Mix Subbase: 50.189 tons
  • Base Layer: 65.486 tons
  • Bituminous Coating: 3.795 tons
  • Binder Layer: 3.795 tons
  • Wearing Layer: 111.857 m²
  • Concrete: 160.000 m³
  • Bridge: 660 m, Width 23,86 m
  • Tunnel (NATM): 2 x 2.400 = 4.800 m, Diameter = 5,30 m

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