914 Villages Get Free Internet in Ankara
06 Ankara

914 Villages Get Free Internet in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş announced that free internet connection will be provided to children who receive distance education in rural neighborhoods without internet. In his post on November 19, he said, “Until the end of December, all our villages are free of charge. [more…]

Covid measures were inspected at the Erciyes ski center
38 Kayseri

Covid-19 Measures Inspected at Erciyes Ski Center

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Police Teams continue their inspections as part of the fight against the Covid -19 epidemic. In this context, the teams started their inspections in Erciyes, one of the few ski centers in the world and Turkey, with the opening of the ski season. Big city [more…]

TurkTraktor Offers Full Confidence in Second Hand Tractor
06 Ankara

TürkTraktör Offers Full Assurance on Used Tractors

TürkTraktör has been making a difference in the sale of guaranteed second-hand tractors since 2014 with the widest sales and after-sales services network in the industry. During the pandemic period, we ensure the continuity of agricultural production with many different applications. [more…]

Snow teams keep the Kartepe summit road open all the time
41 Kocaeli

Snow Teams Keep Kartepe Peak Road Open

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Snow Teams made road paving and salting works on the Kartepe summit road, the important tourism center of our city, with the snowfall that showed its effect as of last night. Crews are on the way [more…]