Who is the astegmen mustafa fehmi kubilay

Who is Ensign Mustafa Fehmi Kubilay?

Mustafa Fehmi Kubilay (Date of birth 1906 - Date of death December 23, 1930, Menemen, İzmir), Turkish teacher and lieutenant. Defined as the Kubilay Incident and in Menemen, Mustafa Fehmi Kubilay, guard Hasan and guard Şevki on December 23, 1930 [more…]

bmw ix tested in the harshest winter conditions
49 Germany

BMW iX Tested in the Toughest Winter Conditions

BMW's flagship in electric mobility, the BMW iX, is tested in the toughest road and cold weather conditions and completes the final checks before mass production. Following its launch at the #NEXTGen 2020 virtual event, the BMW iX, which has made a great impact in the automotive world [more…]

VAT discount application extended to May

VAT Discount Application Extended to 31 May 2021

The discount rates valid until the end of the year in value added tax (VAT) rates in many service branches were extended until May 31, 2021. President's Decree on the subject was published in the Official Gazette. With the decision, economic activities affected by COVID-19 are [more…]

914 Villages Get Free Internet in Ankara
06 Ankara

914 Villages Get Free Internet in Ankara

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, announced that children who receive distance education in rural neighborhoods without internet will be provided with free internet connection. In his post on November 19, he said, "We will provide free internet service to all our villages until the end of December". [more…]

Covid measures were inspected at the Erciyes ski center
38 Kayseri

Covid-19 Measures Inspected at Erciyes Ski Center

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Police Teams continue their inspections within the scope of combating the Covid -19 outbreak. In this context, the audit team began with the opening of the ski season at Erciyes of the world's and Turkey's leading ski resorts. Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Memduh Büyükkılıç's [more…]

The foundation of the school to be built in Istanbul was laid.
34 Istanbul

The Foundations of 6 Schools to be Built in Istanbul were Launched

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk attended the groundbreaking ceremony of 143 schools with 6 classrooms in Istanbul. Within the scope of the program, one school will be built in Çekmeköy, Eyüpsultan, Fatih and Sultanbeyli districts and two schools in Üsküdar will be built by the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF). Selcuk; at the ceremony [more…]

TurkTraktor Offers Full Confidence in Second Hand Tractor
06 Ankara

TürkTraktör Offers Full Assurance on Used Tractors

TürkTraktör has been making a difference in guaranteed second hand tractor sales since 2014 with the widest sales and after sales service network in the sector. Supporting the continuity of agricultural production with many different applications during the pandemic period, TürkTraktör's guaranteed second hand [more…]

exports domestic motor generators to the continent
34 Istanbul

3 Continents Domestic Engine Generator Export from Teksan

Turkey's highest generator capable of producing factory in delivering its products to more than 130 countries Teksen produced using the latest technology, with the added value of domestic exports to our country. With domestic products that will reduce the dependence of the generator market on foreign engines, [more…]

Is hot chemotherapy hope for patients with advanced cancer?

Hot Chemotherapy New Hope for Advanced Cancer Patients

When Hot Chemotherapy is used in the treatment of intra-abdominal cancers, it can extend the life span of stage 4 patients. Providing important information, Gastroenterology Surgery Specialist Assoc. Süleyman Orman said, “While 4-6 months life expectancy was predicted in 12th stage cancers in the past, [more…]

nursing homes in Turkey to praise the World Health Organization

Retirement from the World Health Organization Praises Turkey

The World Health Organization (WHO), Turkey's hospices and aged care and rehabilitation centers in the Covidien-19 scope of the measures taken and maintained under mentioning praised their efforts for the elderly, "Turkey, the necessary measures of health care workers in nursing homes aldırarak preserved old at the Covidien-19 from" [more…]

let your baby eat himself

Let Your Baby Be Own!

Expert Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi gave important information about the subject. Undoubtedly, one of the most difficult processes for mothers in child feeding is the child's learning to eat by himself.It is one of the important details in the feeding of babies (transition from breast milk or bottle food to solid food). [more…]

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