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Protranslate Academic Translation Service

Academic translation is a translation field that requires attention in many aspects. It is very important that the academic translator is an expert in the field in which the article is written. Otherwise, the translation will result in an article full of errors in the target language, and the original article author's [more…]

Contest for the anthem of the year
35 Izmir

Competition is Held for the 100th Anniversary Anthem

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has already started preparations to celebrate the centennial of the Republic with events worthy of its name, is taking a historic step and a competition is held for the 29th Anniversary March, which will be performed on 2023 October 100. İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, [more…]

yildirim besta operation started
65 Van

Yıldırım-17 Besta Operation Launched

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu attended the “Assessment Meeting with Provincial Police Directors” held by teleconference at the Turkish National Police Department of Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Martyr Altuğ Verdi Meeting Hall. “As of yesterday evening with 3.251 personnel [more…]

turkey LPG vehicle handling under world first

Turkey in the First World LPG Vehicle Use

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the citizen who was a vehicle started not to use public transportation. While the increasing number of vehicles in traffic increased fuel consumption, LPG conversion became the reason for preference with the savings of over 40 percent. LPG is the most [more…]

Who is aliye berger

Who is Aliye Berger Made Doodle by Google?

Aliye Berger (born December 24, 1903, Büyükada - Date of death August 9, 1974, Büyükada), Turkish engraving and graphic artist, painter. Turkey is one of the first scraping and carving engraving artist. It was named after large art circles for the first time in 1954. [more…]

Can minors of age get a government password?

Can People Under 18 Get E-Government Password?

We have prepared this long news to give information about eGovernment Login eState Password Transactions and eGovernment and Services Offered… e-Government or eGovernment means the provision of services provided by the government to citizens in an electronic environment. In this way, government services [more…]

egiadin e commerce collaborations continue
35 Izmir

EGİADE Commerce Collaborations Continue

In the period of struggle with Kovid-19, millions of people who obey social distance calls preferred online shopping. While the researches reveal that there are changes in the e-commerce perception of the consumer during the pandemic process, [more…]

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