Known misconceptions about multivitamins

Myths About Multivitamins

I already eat my fruits, vegetables, eggs, why take a multivitamin… Besides, I already drink vitamin C, when I feel very tired, I get an iron injection. And multi-vitamins make you hungry, should I gain weight? [more…]

What is wrong about pancreatic cancer?

8 Myths About Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer, which ranks 4th among the cancer types that cause the most deaths today, has been spreading rapidly in recent years. Since it progresses insidiously without any symptoms for a long time, the disease often lasts. [more…]

Climate crisis warning from ibb and megacity
34 Istanbul

Climate Crisis Warning from IMM and 40 Mega Cities

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement at the city hall in Saraçhane. The IMM building was illuminated with green light in the event, which was held jointly with the C40 cities. Istanbul, the global given to the Paris Agreement [more…]