Changes were made to the quarantine period of close contacts

Change in the Quarantine Period of Close Contacts

A written statement was received from the Ministry of Health that a change was made in the quarantine period of close contacts. In the written statement made by the Ministry of Health, the following statements were made: “In line with scientific studies, the Disease Control and Prevention Center (CDC) and the European Disease Control and [more…]

cadir camp tourism awareness event organized

Tent Camp Tourism Awareness Event Was Held

Developing sustainable nature-friendly tourism activities in the Western Black Sea Region, which has an important potential in nature and cultural tourism with its historical, cultural and natural beauties, to bring the natural elements and resource values ​​of the region to the forefront and to promote them. [more…]

first export train to jin passed through Ankara
06 Ankara

First Export Train to China Passed through Ankara

General Directorate of Turkish State Railways Freight Inc. set out intensive efforts by Turkey and China First Export block train, the Marmaray in the coming period, the BTK railway line and take its place as a very important step for the operation at full capacity of the Central Corridor. With these transports [more…]

Serial production of the national electric train set begins
54 Sakarya

Mass Production of National Electric Train Set Begins

Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure of the Republic of Turkey Fair Karaismailoğlu, "We all have our breast tantalizing projects have started production of the National Electric Train Set. We start mass production of 2020 sets, prototypes of which are on rails in the first half of 2, in 2021. [more…]

life stopped, transportation didn't stop
41 Kocaeli

Life Has Stopped, TransportationPark Not Stopped

TransportationPark continued its bus services in order to provide services to passengers exempt from the curfew on December 5-6. TransportationPark buses, which continue their voyages on the tram line at the specified time range, in the evening between 07.00 and 09.00 in the morning [more…]

Hyundai Motorsport Second Time Champion in WRC
82 Korea (South)

Second-Time Champion in Hyundai Motorsport WRC

Hyundai Shell Mobis World Rally Team completed the World Rally Championship (WRC) 2020 season with a significant victory as the Brands Champion. The Hyundai Motorsport team, which became the world champion for the second time in a row after 2019, was in the shadow of the Covid-19 outbreak. [more…]

patients receiving chemotherapy are more affected by covid

Chemotherapy Patients Are More Affected by Covid-19

Patients with hematological cancer, especially those whose immune system is suppressed; The type of chemotherapy applied carries a higher risk of getting Covid-19 disease due to the complications and accompanying diseases of the disease. Recently received chemotherapy and Covid-19 PCR test positive [more…]

Does the coronavirus affect the teeth

Does Coronavirus Affect Teeth?

The processes such as uncertainty, quarantine processes and social isolation that we experience due to the coronavirus, which continues to affect the world, affect our psychology negatively, while distress literally causes us to "squeeze our teeth" due to stress. Take hold of the world [more…]

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