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actual YouTube MP3 Converter Sites

YouTube In the past, we had to install programs on our computers for mp3 converter. There is no such need anymore. All you have to do is on-line youtube enter mp3 converter sites! You want to download YouTube To copy the link address of the video and to the sites we have compiled for you [more…]

alibeykoy cibali tram line is put into service at the quarry
34 Istanbul

Test Drive of Eminönü Alibeyköy Tram Line Completed

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu stated that the work on the Alibeyköy-Eminönü Tram Line, which was started in 2016, then came to a standstill, solving the financing problem when they took office, and restarted. İmamoğlu said that the part of the historical line between Alibeyköy and Cibali that will embrace the Golden Horn from one end to the other, [more…]

change ay world entered the transfer process
86 China

Chang'e-5 Enters Moon-Earth Transfer Orbit

China's Chang'e-5 spacecraft entered the Moon-Earth transfer orbit, making its second maneuver in orbit at 9.51 am Beijing time. In a statement made by the National Space Administration of China, four engines of 150N power in the part consisting of orbit and rotation vehicles, [more…]

Could the coronavirus be transmitted from the eye

Could the Coronavirus be Transmitted from the Eye?

These days, when the number of coronavirus cases is increasing, the basic rule of virus protection is mask, distance and hygiene measures. If hands are not washed correctly, the risk of coronavirus transmission may be high if they are taken to the mouth, nose and eyes. Biruni University Hospital Eye [more…]

The puff points of christmas makeup

Tips for the Perfect New Year's Makeup

This year, the new year will be entered in homes due to the epidemic. Giz Kozmetik Makeup Artists shared the tips of the perfect New Year's make-up for those who want to feel good this New Year's Eve at home and enter the new year with a great make up. Coronavirus [more…]

pandemic cleaning from ibb to hospital
34 Istanbul

Pandemic Clearance from IMM to 245 Hospitals

The work of cleaning the gardens and surroundings of the hospitals, which IMM carried out during the pandemic process, will take 9 days this time. The study, which was started on December 19 as a precaution against the rapidly increasing Covid-12 cases throughout the city, will end on December 20. Total in studies [more…]

Good news for dairy producers and large animal producers

Good News to Milk Producers and Cattle Producers

"The IHC will be Supporting the Suggestion Price of 2021 TL / Lt of Raw Milk Valid for January-April 2.80, and 30 Kurus Per Liter by our Ministry, IHC Increases the Purchase Price of Imported and Domestic Originated Carcasses as of Monday in order to eliminate the grievances of producers" [more…]

online guidance to families with the school support project
58 Sivas

Online Guidance to Families with the School Support Project

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services brought another innovation to the School Support Project, which was initiated within the scope of the Social and Economic Support (SIA) service. An online consultancy to follow up the children to be supported within the scope of the School Support Project in the provincial directorates of the Ministry [more…]

Where to pay the traffic ticket

Where is the traffic fine paid?

The increasing number of vehicles brings with it the increase in traffic violations and fines. Violating traffic rules due to reasons such as faulty overtaking, parking violation, vehicle tracking distance, not using seat belt, traffic light violation [more…]

What is career planning, how is career planning done?

What is Career Planning? How to Make Career Planning?

Career planning, which is the most important step of being successful in business life, is a map that makes it easier for individuals who have completed their education and have anxiety about the future to reach their goals. What is Career? For many people, your career life is about employment [more…]

What is the incapacity payment and how to get it

What is Incapacity Payment and How to Get It?

Temporary incapacity payment, which has different uses among the public as report money, rest allowance, report fee and sickness benefit; employees only if they meet certain conditions. The wage of the employee who wants to benefit from the temporary incapacity benefit; employer [more…]

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