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Turkey 28 thousand Km Motorway Length Output

Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, stated that they have brought safety to the highest level thanks to the new roads and investments; He said that the positive results of the studies carried out are also reflected in the figures. “Our priority in transportation is every [more…]

What is boron where is boron used

What is Boron? Where Is Boron Used?

Boron is an element with atomic number 5 and atomic weight of 10,81, which is represented by the symbol B in the periodic table, and has semiconductor properties between metals and nonmetals. The first and largest group of 3A of the periodic table. [more…]

van pier beach is again offered to the public
70 Karaman

BIFA Level Crossing Illuminated

Karaman Municipality carries out lighting works in neighborhood parks located in different parts of the city, and completed the lighting works in the newly completed BIFA Level Crossing. Municipality teams, who did not have lighting before and whose current lighting [more…]

the first local metro turkiyenin bozankayaand
41 Kocaeli

Turkey's first indigenous Metro Bozankayaabout

Turkey's first indigenous Metro Bozankaya'from; sending the first metro train abroad from Turkey BozankayaContracts for 28 metro vehicles to be designed and produced in Ankara facilities have been signed and delivery of the vehicles will begin at the end of 2022. [more…]

Restriction of bus and tram services in eskisehir
26 Eskisehir

Restriction on Bus and Tram Flights in Eskişehir

In Eskişehir, due to the curfew restrictions to be applied within the scope of the circular issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, changes were made to public transportation flights. In the announcement where Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality announced the changes made, the following statements were made: “Weekdays [more…]

Person limit application will be implemented for Istiklal Street
34 Istanbul

Person Limitation for İstiklal Street

In the circular sent by the Ministry of Interior within the scope of the new coronavirus measures, the application of limiting people to streets and squares will also be implemented on Istiklal Street. Beyoğlu District Governor Mustafa Demirelli, Regarding the decision taken [more…]

keltepe ski resort is ready for the winter season
78 Karabuk

Keltepe Ski Center is Ready for Winter Season

Karabük Keltepe Kayak Ski Resort with the Governor of Karabük Fuat Gürel, Chairman of the Provincial Assembly Hasan Yıldırım, Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration Mehmet Uzun and Provincial Director of Youth and Sports Coşkun Güven. [more…]