alarming development for road transport in austria
43 Austria

VAT Discount for Turkish Transporters in Austria Ended

The developments in Austria give a red alert for road transport. Within the framework of the law proposal submitted by the Austrian Green Party to the parliament, the discount and VAT discount applied in the diesel purchases of the Turkish transporter from Austria will be announced by 2021. [more…]

havelsan has renewed its logo which has been used for about years
06 Ankara

HAVELSAN Renewed Its Logo Used For About 25 Years

HAVELSAN, one of the Turkish defense industry companies, has renewed its company logo, which it has been using for approximately 25 years. HAVELSAN, which has been operating in the fields of defense, simulation, informatics, homeland security and cyber security since 1982, [more…]

Karsan autonomous attack started production of electric
16 Bursa

Karsan Started Production of Otonom Atak Electric!

Karsan officially started the production of Atak Electric with autonomous technology, which it announced for the first time at the beginning of the year, becoming the first Level 4 autonomous bus manufacturer in Europe. In the project carried out by Karsan's R&D team, another Turkish [more…]

Comprehensive renewal of the Istanbul city lines fleet
34 Istanbul

Comprehensive Renewal to Istanbul City Lines Fleet

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Lines General Directorate is undergoing a comprehensive renewal of its ferries called "Special Survey". In 24 months, XNUMX ferries were pooled and taken into maintenance. Nine of the steamers underwent extensive refurbishment. Pasabahce [more…]