The Foundation of Kiptaş İzmit Çınar Evler Social Housing Project Has Been Launched

Foundation of kiptas izmit cinar houses social housing project was laid
Foundation of kiptas izmit cinar houses social housing project was laid

A groundbreaking ceremony was held for the "İzmit Çınar Evler" project in Arızlı Mahallesi, which was implemented with the cooperation of KİPTAŞ, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB), and İzmit Municipality. The groundbreaking ceremony of the project, which aims to produce 'disaster-oriented social housing', was held by the President of IMM. Ekrem İmamoğluIt was held with the participation of Deputy Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar, CHP Kocaeli Deputy Tahsin Tarhan, Izmit Mayor Fatma Kaplan Hürriyet and KİPTAŞ A.Ş. Kurt and Kaplan made the first speeches at the ceremony, in which General Manager Ali Kurt was also present. Emphasizing that they continue to provide services despite all kinds of obstacles, Kaplan thanked İmamoğlu, whom he said "rules the heart of Turkey", for the support he gave them.


Stating that the most prominent issue of Istanbul is earthquake, Imamoglu said, "We have to find a solution to such an important issue that deeply concerns every city on the earthquake zone, hand in hand, hand in hand". The project, not urban renewal, social housing project that the transfer İmamoğlu, "Turkey's certainly obvious where a design problem. In other words, when we look at the houses, when we ask the collective housing, social housing produced in recent years, "What does it add to the city in terms of design power or where does it carry us in terms of quality of life to people in terms of aesthetics"; unfortunately we cannot get those mature answers we want, ”he said. Noting that KİPTAŞ is an important source of motivation for them in this sense, İmamoğlu shared information about the earthquake and urban transformation works they carried out in Istanbul.


Giving examples from the works in Avcılar and Silivri, İmamoğlu said, “Our intention is; By the end of 2023, to have a complete x-ray of Istanbul's building stock and to face it. What is our misfortune? We are going, we want to detect the houses, but the citizen does not want his house to be x-rayed. This rate is not less. In some places it can go up to 15 percent, up to 20 percent. So citizen; he is afraid of confrontation, 'I will be homeless, I will be left homeless'. Is the citizen completely wrong now? Not. But we have to persistently take an x-ray of Istanbul. Because we are responsible for the bleeding of the nose of even our citizen who is afraid of the detection of his house. Therefore, we proceed with this responsibility. IMM will take out this inventory and, after taking out the inventory, of course, in order not to let anyone down, Istanbul will be subjected to a great mobilization with exemplary models in urban transformation ”.


Saying "I would like to give you another statistic," Imamoglu said:

“Our President made a statement that we produced 1 million houses with TOKI and other institutions. More precisely, the Presidency has a declaration on this issue. It is a serious product, a serious success in the last 18 years; We applaud. Again they said, 'But we have to transform 6,5 million more houses.' Multiply, Divide with us 18 years to 110 years, we need to get that Turkey's transformation. This is not possible. In other words, it is not possible for this to happen from a single source with TOKI and KİPTAŞ. It has to have a system. In that sense, there is something missing here. To ensure that the sector evolves in this direction in a serious way and to create the financing model of the ratio… At this point, we manage a relationship with our Minister of Environment and Urbanization, which has reached a healthy level in terms of the result, for about 7-8 occasions. At the end of the day, what we propose is this: To accept that this is mobilization, to make it a supra-political issue, never to turn it into a political issue. In other words, when our Fatma Mayor will make a decision about a transformation here, she will not wait at the door of a Metropolitan Municipality with a political imposition or a political obstacle model. It can also be the opposite; Party A, Party B does not matter. On the contrary, we suggested to the ministry that a council should establish a mechanism, such as an independent committee, that takes decisions such as an emergency action plan, which will also prevent it. And we said, 'Let earthquake zone boards be formed'. So the time is coming; A building that needs to be demolished, it stands hard, we cannot evacuate that building. We empty it, we cannot wash it. He's dealing with such strange problems. How do we resolve it? That is why he said to the Minister, "This work needs a holistic structure." In this sense, several steps have been taken. Now, we have decided to hold a meeting based on the council model that we have mentioned and described broadly. We reached an agreement in principle, saying 'As soon as this council is tomorrow, let's decide after that'. Why am I talking about this? We will gather the construction industry representatives here. We will attract the most important field, the financial sector. Of course, the municipalities, of course the Ministry, of course the Metropolitan Municipality, the Governorship will be in an effort to manage the process from a single source, with the right rules, provided that they act together. "


İmamoğlu emphasized that the problem cannot be solved and a great mobilization will not be made unless the citizen whose building is about to be demolished by giving credit with zero interest to renew his house, said, “We make 5 flats instead of 10 flats, make 7 flats instead of 12 flats, that is, we disgrace our cities with an increase in precedent. The tragic example of this in Istanbul is Fikirtepe. Mr. Minister himself announced that the state currently allocates 5 billion liras there to solve the trauma and tragedy it created. In order to avoid such problems, everyone has to take responsibility at such a concert. Earthquake is an important issue. Look earthquake in Izmit, brought the 2001 crisis in Turkey. The economic trauma of that period, the inability to pay the loans in that period brought that deep crisis in 2001 to all of us. You Can you imagine the tram Istanbul earthquake that lived in Turkey? I say 'God forbid, may Allah give it from the night'. Therefore, we feel our responsibility, we continue on our way with our institutions, our subsidiaries and units. But this problem is Party A, Party B, Municipality A, Municipality B or the government or ministry; Let's not forget that it is a size that no single institution can solve. “We have to solve this process by getting everyone involved”.


Sharing the knowledge that he will have works similar to the solidarity between Bursa and Balıkesir provinces and İzmit, İmamoğlu said, “The nearby geography concerns Istanbul; with its transportation, urbanization, social and cultural life, even its air, water… Look, our water comes from Melen. IMM has a serious investment in the Melen area. Therefore, we are talking about a city with a very large hinterland. At the same time we look at the implications for Turkey; This solidarity to all parts of Turkey with the best examples, are committed to making the best of our ability, "he said. Saying “3 things were very valuable for me here”, İmamoğlu listed them as “low down payment”, “installments not exceeding the minimum wage” and “giving special rights to healthcare workers and martyr families”. Thanking Kaplan and everyone who contributed, İmamoğlu said, “It has made me very happy that these 3 principles are met here. I hope that May the foundation we will lay today be a means of charity. May Allah have consummate all. I hope that we will do the turnkey delivery with happy individuals here ”. After the speeches, the foundation was laid by pressing the buttons.


“Kiptaş İzmit Çınar Evler Social Housing Project” was designed with the vision of increasing the durable building stock of İzmit and building a qualified, modern and accessible social housing project. Bringing together the new generation social housing and boutique life concept, the project consists of 4 residences in 143 blocks and 5 commercial units. In the project, there are 87 2 + 37 garden-use flats with an average floor gross area of ​​2 m1, 93 2 + 66 mezzanine flats with 2 m1 and 124 2 + 40 residences with 3 m1. 143 percent of the project consists of green areas. In the project; There are large green areas, parking lots and sports fields.


As an application requirement; He must not have a house owned by himself or his spouse, have resided in Kocaeli province borders for the last year, and have not bought a house from KİPTAŞ before. To the project; Between 28 December and 18 January, online requests will be received on KİPTAŞ İzmit Çınar Evler Sitesi ( 500 TL participation fee can be paid online by credit card or money order / EFT. In addition, a reference tent was set up in Izmit. Detailed information will be available on the website. Information will also be available on line 0262 255 55 41. The families of martyrs, war and duty invalids, widows and orphans, corresponding to 21 percent of the residences in the project; It is reserved for at least 40 percent disabled citizens and all health personnel who certify that they work as insured in public and private health institutions and organizations.

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