IMM 25 Contracted Personnel Recruitment Results Have Been Determined

Results of ibb contracted personnel recruitment have been announced
Results of ibb contracted personnel recruitment have been announced

The results of IMM's recruitment of 25 contracted personnel were announced. The candidates, ranked according to their success score for the position, were taken to the oral exam on Thursday, December 24, 2020.

In accordance with Article 5393 of Law No. 49 within the scope of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), contracted personnel are employed between 14/12/2020 - 18/12/2020 for vacant positions. Pre-application was received electronically via.

Contracted personnel recruitment announcement For the applications evaluated in accordance with the requirements, the ranking was made based on the score ranking (3 times the announced position) according to the success score. 85 candidates that were ranked were invited to the oral exam.

In the exam; Constitution of Turkey, Ataturk's Principles and History of Revolution, 657 Law, the basic legislation concerning local administration, Public Servants questions about the Principles of Ethical Behavior Regulation topics about Application Procedures and Principles were asked. Professional, applied knowledge and skill assessment regarding the position requested was also made.

25 candidates who are successful as a result of the exam are entitled to be contracted personnel in IMM. kazanwas. To see the list of successful candidates Click here.

Candidates are required to hand over the documents that will constitute the basis for the appointment to the IMM Human Resources Branch Directorate on December 28, 2020 by adding them to their petition showing their full addresses. Candidates whose documents are completed will start working at IMM as of December 31, 2020. Candidates who do not apply within this period will lose their rights. The transactions of those who are found to have made false or incomplete statements will be canceled.


  • Petition (samples available below)
  • Appointment Declaration Form (Declaration of judicial register and military declaration for male candidates)
  • Medical board report to be obtained from fully-fledged hospitals (licensed by the State or Ministry of Health)
  • Blood Group Card Photocopy (1 piece)
  • A copy of the current military service status certificate or demobilization certificate for male candidates
  • Biometric photographs of 50 mm x 60 mm taken in the last six months in accordance with the legislation (4)


  • A service certificate showing that it has worked before or if it has already worked in public institutions (1)
  • Candidates who have previously received a Retirement Registration Number (399 SKHK, 657/4-B Acting Officer etc.) should state this in their petitions.
  • A service certificate showing that it has worked before or if it has already worked in public institutions (1)
  • According to the provisions of Municipality Law No. 5393 or the legislation referred to by this law, contracted personnel cannot be appointed in the same title.

Petition examples:

Assignment for petition sample Click here.

For the Appointment Declaration Form Click here.

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