The second nostalgic tram came to the cord
35 Izmir

Second Nostalgic Tram Arrives in Kordon

The second of the nostalgic trams that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality put into service at the First Kordon came. The vehicle, called "Çiğdem", started to make mutual voyages every half an hour with the vehicle named "Boyoz". Izmir Metropolitan Municipality named "Çiğdem" ​​after the nostalgic tram named "Boyoz". [more…]

Microbus to the transportation fleet of bursan
16 Bursa

26 Microbuses for Bursa's Transportation Fleet!

With the contributions of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Burulaş, 124 microbuses purchased by Barakfakih Carriers Cooperative No. 26 were put into service with a ceremony. Smart intersection applications, rail system signaling optimization, new roads to prevent transportation from being a problem in Bursa, [more…]

Signatures were signed for the transformation of the Aegean neighborhood
35 Izmir

Signatures Signed for Aegean District Urban Transformation

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its works in the field of urban transformation. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer signed the contract to start the project with the contractor company that won the construction tender for the first phase of Ege Mahallesi. President Soyer said at the signing ceremony, “This is for İzmir [more…]

The company that made an exorbitant price increase fined

208 Firms Fined For Exorbitant Price Increase

Ministry of Commerce, has increased its field supervision on the recent complaints against the exorbitant price increase applications from citizens, in particular in food and basic consumer goods in Turkey. Ministry of Trade Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance and Domestic Trade [more…]

In the year of availability, the availability awards will find their owners

Accessibility Awards to Find Winners in 2020 Accessibility Year

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services will reward the designs and products, projects and applications that make life easier for disabled citizens in 9 categories. In this context, 'Accessibility Awards', which were decided to be traditional; “Accessible Designs and Products, Accessible Digital Applications, Accessible [more…]

satcom integrated flagtar tbs siha seen

SATCOM Integrated Bayraktar TB2S S UAV Appears

Two images were shared by Baykar Defense to celebrate Azerbaijan's victory. A TB2 SİHA (Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) with a design change in the visuals caught the eye. For satellite connection in UAVs on the hull of TB2S, which has been noticed with a change in design [more…]

hyundai tucson n line first images shared
82 Korea (South)

First Images of Hyundai Tucson N Line Shared

Today, Hyundai continued its model breakthrough by sharing the first images from the N Line, the sporty version of the New Tucson model. Tucson, the brand's popular SUV model, has been completely renewed in recent months and is a different alternative especially for its segment. [more…]

turkey ROKETSAN it in space
06 Ankara

Turkey roketsan'l in Space

Last week, ROKETSAN officially Youtube channel, a video has been shared on 21-22 December 2018 in place of Turkey's Technology Platform shot test. The followers of this test are in the opening of the ROKETSAN Satellite Launch Space Systems and Advanced Technologies Research Center. [more…]

bddk banking assistant expert will recruit

BRSA to Recruit 33 Assistant Banking Specialists

33 banking assistant experts in the field of informatics will be recruited to the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency to be employed in the main service units of the Agency according to the entrance exam results. The entrance exam has two stages, written and oral. Written entrance examination [more…]

the ministry of justice will make officer recruit

Ministry of Justice to Recruit 418 Civil Servants

The Ministry of Justice will receive 144 personnel, including 100 psychologists, 156 pedagogues, 12 social workers, 3 statisticians, 2 architects, 1 dieticians, 418 city planner. 12 statisticians, 3 architects, 2 dieticians, 1 in the central organization of the Ministry of Justice [more…]

strategic cooperation from santa farma and translation
41 Kocaeli

Santa Farma and Mealis Collaborated Strategic

Turkey's leading domestic pharmaceutical company located in Santa Farma, MEALIS Middle East Life Sciences that have made the strategic cooperation agreement with, moderate and duloxetine hydrochloride for the treatment of kidnapping severe stress urinary women [more…]

Who is ugur sahin

Who is Uğur Şahin?

Prof. Dr. Uğur Şahin was born on September 19, 1965 in İskenderun. He went to Germany with his family at the age of 4. His family worked at the Ford factory in Cologne. Prof. Şahin drew attention with his interest in scientific research and experiments at a younger age. German on cancer [more…]