Moving and Rent Aid Started for Earthquake Survivors in Izmir

Moving and rent aid started to earthquake victims in Izmir
Moving and rent aid started to earthquake victims in Izmir

Environment and Urban Planning Minister Murat Kurum said that they completed the evacuation works in 30 buildings after the earthquake that occurred on October 50 in Izmir.

The Minister Institution made examinations in the Peace Site and the Cicek, Adalet and Cumhuriyet districts. Making a statement to reporters after the examination, the Authority stated that all teams mobilized to heal the wound of the citizen after the earthquake.

Pointing out that the damage assessment studies were initiated following the search and rescue and debris removal efforts, the Authority said, "We strive to carry out the damage assessment of the buildings, including the moving process of our citizens, and to meet all the needs of our citizens under the coordination of our Governorship." said.

Stating that they examine the concrete and tensile strength of the core, concrete, iron samples taken from the buildings with mobile laboratories in addition to the damage assessment studies, the Authority gave the following information:

“Our work continues rapidly. As of today, we have completed the evacuation works in 50 buildings and we will have started the demolition processes in the area where our heavily damaged buildings are located around Rıza Bey Apartment. 23 of our citizens are still being treated at the hospital, all our other citizens were discharged. All the needs of our citizens are met with 7 thousand 100 personnel, nearly 1000 vehicles and equipment in the field. Our damage assessment studies have been carried out in 90 buildings as of today and reached 813 thousand independent sections. In this context, the number of urgent, severely damaged and collapsed buildings has reached 484 and the number of independent sections has reached approximately 384 thousand 4. There were approximately 489 urgent and destructive buildings. We have 4 thousand 500 buildings with little damage and 4 buildings with moderate damage. "


Stating that the staff of the Governorship of İzmir are working to move the citizens of the tent cities to a safer and warmer environment, Minister Kurum stated that he visited all tents and invited earthquake victims to guesthouses, hotels and dormitories.

Reminding that the requests of the citizens regarding rent, moving, aid and accommodation needs were received, the Institution said, “Approximately 3 applications were received and the needs were met quickly. Our citizens can apply for damage assessment via the internet at " he spoke.


Reminding that they have previously announced that they will provide assistance to citizens who cannot take their belongings from their homes, the Authority said:

“Our furniture producers will donate 25 thousand lira worth of goods for each house to a thousand families who cannot buy their belongings or whose buildings are destroyed. These items will be provided to our citizens quickly under the coordination of our Governorship. We started our rent and relocation assistance process, so far we have paid 14 million Turkish lira to our citizens. "

The Minister Institution pointed out that the projects prepared after the earthquake have reached the final stage and stated that they are planning 2 thousand houses on site and 3 thousand in the reserve area.

The Authority, stating that they will produce more houses for moderately damaged buildings in the reserve area, stated that they will start the projects within 1 month and complete them within 1 year.

Noting that there are 5 earthquake victims staying in the tents at the moment, the Minister Institution said, “We are together with our earthquake victims. We work hard to meet all their needs. Once again our İzmir'i, I extend my wishes get past our Turkey. " said.


The institution, on the question of journalists, BayraklıExplaining that they also investigated the area at risk of rockfall in Çiçek Mahallesi, “We are starting the process of moving the buildings with landslide risk. We are evacuating these areas and we will carry them to our healthy and safe residences in the reserve area by providing transportation and rent aids to our citizens living in buildings with rock fall risk. he spoke.

On the other hand, during his visit, the Minister Institution ordered that the stone-fallen area in Çiçek Mahallesi be taken into urban transformation.

The institution in the region for a while sohbet He told Nevin Narat, 86, that their house would be completed within a year.

Narat's, "I am 86 years old, can I see?" Minister Institution asked, “May Allah give you long life, my aunt, I hope you see it. We want to complete it as soon as possible. " used the expressions.

Receiving information about the work in the building analysis and test laboratory tool of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the Authority shared the information that the concrete class in a sample taken from a building was determined as C15, although it should be C3.

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