covid can cause hearing loss

Covid-19 May Cause Hearing Loss!

The Covid-2020 epidemic, which has affected the whole world and whose third wave we are experiencing in the autumn of 19, may include the ear among the organs that cause damage in the body and permanent hearing disorders may be seen due to the epidemic. [more…]

dr behcet uz recreation area reborn
35 Izmir

Dr. Behçet Uz Recreation Area Is Reborn

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Bornova, Dr. It continues its renovation works in Behçet Uz Recreation Area. The area that will be put into service with its renewed face in 2021, viewing terraces, football field in FIFA standards, sports suitable for all age groups, [more…]

support of the trout trout continues

Support for Breeding Trout Continues

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli said that they have provided a total of 2003 billion 1 million liras of support to the aquaculture sector since 350. Minister Pakdemirli, an important protein in healthy nutrition [more…]

How to Store Winter Weather

How to Store Winter Tire?

For your safety and fuel economy, you should pay attention to tire maintenance and use tires according to the season. There are many reasonably priced alternative methods to store your tires safely and without any hassle. Car [more…]