Direct flight offer to foreigners coming to Cine
86 China

Direct Flight Offer to Foreigners Coming to China

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has suggested that foreign nationals coming to China prefer direct flights. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China SözcüAt the press conference held in Beijing, the capital, Wang Wenbin, told a report about the entry of foreign nationals into China. [more…]

Certificate of appreciation for clean air in ankara metro
06 Ankara

Certificate of Appreciation for Clean Air in Ankara Metro

A certificate of appreciation was presented by General Manager Nihat Alkaş to the EGO personnel who made the technical arrangement of the work that enabled the Ankara Metro air conditioners to be turned on again. Within the scope of the coronavirus (Covid-19) measures implemented across the country, Ankara on March 20, 2020 [more…]

Ottoman defense industry facility was restored
39 Kırklareli

The Ottoman's First Defense Industry Facility Has Been Restored

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank stated that while reviving the historical place, they also revived the defense industry, which is their legacy, and said, “We increased the localization rate in our defense industry from 30 percent to over 70 percent under the leadership of our President. Behind this success [more…]

Signed for the amasya nostalgic tram
05 Amasya

Signatures Signed for Amasya Nostalgic Tram

Within the scope of the nostalgic tram project planned by Amasya Mayor Mehmet Sarı, signatures were signed for the study and feasibility studies. Amasya Mayor Mehmet Sarı; “We take our guests and fellow townsmen to a pleasant journey with a nostalgic tram. [more…]

Remote monitoring system was introduced to sanliurfa traffic
63 Sanliurfa

Remote Monitoring System Introduced to Şanlıurfa Traffic

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality has implemented one of its innovative projects within the scope of Smart Transportation Strategies. Şanlıurfa traffic will be a little more relaxed with smart intersections and signalization tracking system. Metropolitan Municipality has implemented signaling and remote monitoring systems at intersections. [more…]

Kocaeli Science Center counts as days of emergency
41 Kocaeli

Kocaeli Science Center Overpass is Counting Days to Open

The overpass work that will ease the transportation to Sekapark and Kocaeli Science Center has come to an end. Passengers getting off at the Science Center Tram Station stop will be able to easily cross the overpass that will be completed in a short time. TO BE COMPLETED SOON TIME, Vehicle and pedestrian traffic [more…]