Second Nostalgic Tram Arrives in Kordon

The second nostalgic tram came to the cord
The second nostalgic tram came to the cord

The second of the nostalgic trams that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality put into service in the First Kordon came. The vehicle, called "Çiğdem", started to make mutual voyages every half an hour with the vehicle named "Boyoz".

After the nostalgic tram named "Boyoz" by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the second vehicle named "Çiğdem" ​​was put into service. Wheeled vehicles can be used with Izmirim Kart. The boarding fee was determined as 3,46 TL over the current full tariff.

Next is "Crisp"

Nostalgic vehicles, inspired by the electric tram that served between Güzelyalı and Konak in İzmir from 1928 to 1954, travel between Alsancak Port viaducts and Cumhuriyet Square. The third tram, called "Gevrek", will be put into service in the coming days after it is received.

The tram, which made its last trip in Izmir in 1954, was put into service 66 years later on the First Kordon on September 9, the city's liberation day.

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