Closing call for istanbul from ekrem imamogl
34 Istanbul

Ekrem İmamoğlu's Call to Close for Istanbul

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu opened the 2nd stage of the Ataköy Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant, which will serve seven districts. Speaking at a total of seven districts of the waste water treatment plant, which will serve reception ceremony İmamoğlu, seen in Turkey Covidien-19 [more…]

XNUMX days additional time to match account code izmirim card
35 Izmir

Duration of HES Code Izmirim Card Pairing has been Extended

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality; The duration of the HES Code-Izmirim Card matching process, which was initiated in accordance with the Ministry of Interior circular and the decision of the Izmir Governorship Provincial Hygiene Board, was extended to 30 November. Citizens at busy transfer centers, ferry ports, metro stations as well as the internet [more…]

second hand car rental has gone up due to the pandemic

Used Car Rental On The Rise Due To Pandemic

Türkay Oktay LeasePlan Turkey General Manager, said the first choice for long-term lease is no longer used since the lease is not zero. Türkay Oktay said, “In 2020, second hand rental has grown even more. With the pandemic, factories were closed and imports [more…]

Smoke-free life awareness should be developed with pandemic bans

Awareness of Smokeless Life Should Be Developed With Pandemic Bans

Respiratory Society TÜSAD emphasized that tobacco control gained more importance due to the pandemic. While the TÜSAD Tobacco Control Working Group stated that the smoking restrictions imposed during the pandemic process are an appropriate decision, “There may be difficulties in the implementation of the bans. Also important than the restrictions [more…]

davraz ski resort is getting ready for the winter season
32 Isparta

Davraz Ski Center is Preparing for the Winter Season

Before the upcoming season, the work at Davraz Ski Center continues feverishly. Isparta Governor Ömer Seymenoğlu accompanied by the Chairman of the Provincial Assembly, Serkan Keskin, the Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration, Mahmut Zadeoğlu, and the Special Provincial Administration. [more…]

Recent developments in tube baby treatment

Recent Developments in IVF Treatment

Every couple's dream is to bring a healthy baby to the world. Most of the time, couples reach a happy ending without a long effort, but this may not be easy for everyone. Approximately 4-5 percent of babies born in a year in our country are in vitro fertilization [more…]

In Kocaeli there will be even additional trips for e-kpss
41 Kocaeli

Additional Expedition Will Be Held For 17 Lines For The Park E-KPSS

TransportationPark, one of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, will organize an additional bus service on 15 lines for the Disabled Public Personnel Selection Examination (E-KPSS), which disabled candidates will enter on Sunday, November 2020, 17. BUSES SUITABLE FOR DISABLED TRANSPORTATION The Park will take place in Umuttepe on Sunday. [more…]

free transportation support to ekpss candidates in Kocaeli
41 Kocaeli

Free Transportation Support for EKPSS Candidates in Kocaeli

Disabled Public Personnel Selection Exam (EKPSS), which was postponed due to the pandemic, will be held on Sunday, November 15th. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which takes measures to ensure that candidates who will enter the EKPPS can reach the exam sites comfortably, provide the transportation of disabled candidates and their companions, if any. [more…]

earthquake victims started to settle in long residences
35 Izmir

Earthquake Survivors Started to Settle in Residences in Uzundere

The residents of Izmir, who were damaged by the earthquake, started to settle in Uzundere, which the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality allocated to earthquake victims. Halit Sarper Keleş, one of the first residents of the residences in Uzundere, said, “Apartments have everything. Here we will start life from scratch. People staying in tents also come here. [more…]

Railway to Nakhchivan from Kars
36 Kars

Railway to Nakhchivan from Kars

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu We are planning a railway to Nakhchivan after the new developments in Azerbaijan. His study plan studies continue. I hope there will be good developments there, he said. Total investment amount 1.5-2 billion [more…]

new hope injection therapy in addiction treatment

New Hope in Addiction Treatment: 'Injection Therapy'

Addiction is a biopsychosocial disease that not only negatively affects a person's physical health, but also causes significant social, mental and economic effects. It is known that the number of addicted individuals is increasing day by day in our country as well as all over the world. [more…]