Guest Post

The Easy Way To Get The Best Deals

Shopping is a necessary condition to fulfill the needs. In online shopping, you can meet your needs at more affordable prices. Shopping is among the most wanted situations for men and women. Individuals who want to meet their needs are cheap [more…]

Suggestion for mild coronavirus

10 Suggestions to Overcome Coronavirus

Nowadays, where the number of coronavirus is increasing, having a strong immune system as well as mask, social distance and hygiene measures have an important role in protection from coronavirus. Any food that prevents the transmission of coronavirus or can treat coronavirus [more…]

tcdd delegation in tanzania railways
255 Tanzania

TCDD Delegation on Tanzania Railways

TCDD Deputy General Manager Metin Akbaş made a technical visit to Tanzania Railways Organization with the accompanying delegation. With the participation of TCDD delegation and TRC delegation headed by Tanzania Railways Organization (TRC) General Manager Masanja K. Kadogosa [more…]

Ali mountain funicular project progresses step by step
38 Kayseri

Ali Mountain Funicular Project Moves Step by Step

Feasibility studies for the Funicular System to be built on Ali Mountain by Talas Municipality continue at full speed. Finally, a teleconference meeting was held with the managers and technical team of a world-renowned international company that has done business in many countries on this subject. President [more…]

Passenger transportation in the comfort of an airplane to cardak airport
20 Denizli

Passenger Transportation in Airplane Comfort to Çardak Airport

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out passenger transportation between Denizli city center and Çardak Airport, has launched standard passenger transportation as well as personalized transportation service upon the intense demand from citizens. With VIP service, passengers are picked up from their addresses and transferred to and from the airport. [more…]

The elevator on the tcdd top pass is maintained
11 Bilecik

Elevator on TCDD Overpass Was Serviced

The elevators on the TCDD overpass, one of the most frequently used routes by pedestrians in Bilecik's Bozüyük district, are being revised by Bozüyük Municipality. Along with the work, the first comprehensive maintenance of the elevators located on the overpass is carried out, [more…]

Comfort increases in bungalows at cambasi plateau nature facilities
52 Army

Comfort Increases in Bungalows in Çambaşı Plateau

Built by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality in Çambaşı Plateau Nature Facilities, bungalows are one of the places preferred by ski lovers. The bungalows, which made a great impact both nationally and internationally in the last winter season, experience a great change with the works done. Citizens [more…]

Tulomsas response to karaismailogl, who looks at the turnover
26 Eskisehir

TÜLOMSAŞ's Response from Çakırözer to Minister Karaismailoğlu

Utku Çakırözer, Deputy of CHP Eskişehir, brought to the agenda TÜLOMSAŞ, which was affiliated with the company established under the name of TÜRASAŞ in Ankara with the Decree of the President, in the 2021 budget negotiations of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Utku Çakırözer of the CHP, with the decree published in March, signed TÜLOMSAŞ's [more…]

logistics sector within the scope of climate targets
34 Istanbul

Logistics Sector within the Scope of the 2030 Climate Goals

Greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere with the effect of industrial and agricultural activities, especially the use of fossil fuels, increased the average temperatures measured around the world. Increasing temperature, desertification, which can be seen as the results of global climate change, precipitation imbalance, [more…]

chpli cakirozer asked about railways accidents
59 Tekirdag

Çakırözer of CHP, asked about accidents in railways

Çakırözer of CHP, to the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu; “We see such things that presidents, vice presidents, regional directors, station managers, deputies, and tellers are exiled. Has the government changed? What are these personnel exiles ”he asked. Çakırözer, Turkish Grand National Assembly [more…]

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