26 Microbuses for Bursa's Transportation Fleet!

Microbus to the transportation fleet of bursan
Microbus to the transportation fleet of bursan

With the contributions of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Burulaş, 124 microbuses purchased by Barakfakih Carriers Cooperative No. 26 were put into service with a ceremony.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which focuses on physical investments such as smart intersection applications, rail system signalization optimization, new roads, bridges and intersections in order to prevent transportation from being a problem in Bursa, on the other hand, makes public transportation vehicles more attractive for citizens. In transportation, which is one of the most important issues of the city, 124 microbuses purchased by the Barakfakih Carriers Cooperative No. 26 were put into service with the contributions of the Metropolitan Municipality and Burulaş, which continues to make their breakthrough to provide quality and comfortable service to the citizens.

“Citizen satisfaction is important”

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş wished the renewed buses to be beneficial. Speaking at the ceremony attended by Kestel Mayor Önder Tanır, AK Party Provincial Chairman Ayhan Salman, Bursa Special Public Busers Chamber Chairman Sadi Eren and council members, Mayor Alinur Aktaş recalled Burulaş's motto, 'We bring people to their jobs in the morning and their home and their spouses in the evenings. emphasized the importance of service. Stating that the most important issue of Bursa with a population of more than 3 million is traffic and transportation, Mayor Aktaş said, “Although it is still at the forefront at the end of the 3-year service period, traffic and transportation are relatively less talked about. We made an important breakthrough with smart intersection applications, bridges, viaducts, signaling-optimization studies. The pandemic process seriously affected public transportation. We saw 11 percent transport rates in April-May, excluding prohibited days. However, we did not pull the buses into the garages like someone did. We have made great efforts to carry out the service in a quality and healthy way. We have made the calculation of operating all means of transportation we have more economically and efficiently. The peace and satisfaction of each of our citizens living in Bursa is very important to us. Since we took office, as the Metropolitan Municipality, we have been acting in peace with transportation employees. We make decisions by considering the interests of the other party. However, we also care about citizen satisfaction ”.

"Our support will continue to increase"

Money from the Metropolitan Municipality's transportation kazanEmphasizing that he does not have a problem like traveling, Mayor Aktaş said, “Keep your smiling face, sweet language, interest and relevance while transporting the citizen who gets on the vehicle to work in the morning, to his home and to his wife in the evening. Your compliance with the rules is valuable to us. 271 buses to Burulaş kazanwe nagged. We renewed 75 percent of the vehicles. With an investment of 2 million dollars, we equipped the entire fleet, including private public buses, with camera monitoring devices. During the difficult period, you made a move to put 26 new minibuses into service as a cooperative. By purchasing 2 more minibuses, a total of 28 vehicles will serve all neighborhoods from Barakfakih to Kestel. Disabled citizens will also be able to use the vehicles easily. Accident, trouble, good rides and good luck kazanI wish them well. Our contribution and support will continue to increase," he said.

Mayor of Kestel Önder Tanır stated that Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has achieved good works in Kestel as in 17 districts. Explaining that services are provided in many areas from the recreation area of ​​the Mandıras Stream to the land roads in the villages, Tanır thanked the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş and his team for the support given to the district. Tanır wished 26 vehicles, which will raise the bar in transportation, to be beneficial to the district and the neighborhood.

Head of Barakfakih Transporter Cooperative No. 124, İbrahim Anaç thanked the managers of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Kestel Municipality and Burulaş for their support.

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