Up-to-date treatments have been arranged for employees

Workshop on Current Treatments in SMA Disease

SMA Scientific Committee members, Ministry officials and SMA associations participated in the Workshop on Current Treatments in Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), organized by the Ministry of Health via video conference method. At the meeting, the SMA Scientific Committee members shared data on the SMA drugs used. [more…]

The first bikes a year filled the council turkiyenin
06 Ankara

Turkey's First Bicycle Assembly Fill the One Year

Ankara City Council (AKK) Bicycle Council, which works to increase awareness of cycling in Ankara, to contribute to the formation of bicycle paths in the capital city by taking into account the habits of cycling, and to popularize the use of bicycles, has completed a year. To make the citizens of the capital love cycling and [more…]

Paper ticket statement from Kayseri transportation as
38 Kayseri

Paper Ticket Statement from Kayseri Transportation Inc.

For safe transportation in public transportation, the process of matching the public transport card and HES code, which will be initiated as part of the fight against the Kovid-19 epidemic, will end on November 30. In this context, the use of paper tickets will be abolished as of December 1. Interior [more…]

How to change residence

How to Change Residence?

Change of residence is one of the procedures that almost every citizen needs in certain periods. In case of moving to a different city or neighborhood, the change of residence, which must be notified to the Population Directorates of our Ministry, can be easily completed in a few steps. So, how is the residence change made through E-Government? [more…]

Eminonu When is the alibeykoy tram line opening?
34 Istanbul

When Will Eminönü Alibeyköy Tram Line Open! That Date

Eminönü Alibeyköy tram line, one of the most important transportation projects of Istanbul, is built in a way that will start from the Eminönü area, proceed along the Golden Horn coast and reach Alibeyköy Cep Bus Station from the center of Alibeyköy. Doğuş İnşaat ve Tic. A.Ş. on November 9, 2016 [more…]

Those who do not identify the hes code to their Kocaeli card will not be able to use public transport
41 Kocaeli

Those who do not introduce their HES Code to their Kocaeli Card will not be able to use public transport

As part of the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has introduced the HEPP code feature to the Kocaeli Card, which is used in public transportation service. HES coded boarding starts on Tuesday, December 1. Those who do not introduce their HES code to their Kocaeli Card will not be able to get on the vehicles. PUBLIC TRANSPORT [more…]

ego bus made weekend arrangements in metro and ankaray hours
06 Ankara

EGO Bus, Metro and ANKARAY Organized Weekend Arrangement

In order to keep the rate of spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic under control, according to the curfew restricted by the ANKARA GOVERNORSHIP PROVINCIAL UMUMI HIFZISSIHHA BOARD (UHK), EGO General Directorate made arrangements for bus, metro and ANKARAY service hours. November 18 of the UHK [more…]