Urfa Balıklı Lake History and Story

balikli goal history and story
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Balıklıgöl (Aynzeliha and Halil-Ür Rahman Lakes), located in the southwest of Şanlıurfa city center and known as the place where the prophet Abraham fell when he was thrown into fire, these two lakes are among the most visited historical places in Şanlıurfa with their fishes considered sacred for the Islamic world and the historical monuments around them. .

When the prophet Abraham started to fight against the idols of the time, the cruel ruler of Nemrut and the idols worshiped by his people, he was thrown into the fire from the hill where today's Urfa Castle is located. Meanwhile, Allah commanded the fire, "O fire, be cool and peaceful against Abraham." Upon this order, the fire turns into water and the wood into fish. Abraham falls right inside a rose garden. The place where Ibrahim fell is Halil-ur Rahman Lake. Rumor has it that Nemrut's daughter Zeliha also runs after him because he believes in Abraham. Aynzeliha Lake was formed where Zeliha fell.

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