Statement on TULOMSAS Land from Eskişehir Metropolitan!

Statement on TULOMSAS Land from Eskişehir Metropolitan!
Statement on TULOMSAS Land from Eskişehir Metropolitan!

In the written statement made by Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, the statement about TÜLOMSAŞ land put out to tender by TCDD 2. Regional Directorate was answered.

In the written statement made by Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality; "Eskişehir deputy Çakırözer Utku Turkey's Grand National Assembly in his statement about the land TULOMSAS voiced speech, took part in the local newspaper dated August 10, 2020. On August 11, 2020 (the next day), a statement was made by TCDD 2nd Regional Directorate regarding the speech of Deputy Utku Çakırözer, who was in the press. The statements about Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality in the said statement made it necessary for us to make this statement.

First of all, we would like to express that Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality has fulfilled every task related to the land plans of TÜLOMSAŞ. Based on the protocol between TCDD and Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality on 28.01.2014, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality made a 123/1 scale plan of the entire 5000 hectares of TÜLOMSAŞ and Station land and put it into effect on 14.05.2015.

Upon this, TCDD applied to our municipality again and demanded that 1 / 1000th plans be prepared for the whole area. It was informed by our Metropolitan Municipality to TCDD that the authority and responsibility of making plans with a scale of 1/1000 is in the municipalities of Odunpazarı and Tepebaşı concerning the region and the application should be made to these municipalities.

According to the law, 1/1000 scale zoning implementation plans are made by the district municipalities, first they are accepted in their own assemblies and then submitted for the approval of the Metropolitan Municipality Council. In other words, it is the duty of district municipalities to make 1/1000 scale plans.

TCDD requested the 1/1000 scale plans from the Tepebaşı Municipality, and Tepebaşı Municipality stated that the 123 hectares of land in question were not subject to ground geological surveys, and that the plan could be initiated by TCDD.

The Metropolitan Municipality has fully fulfilled its duty regarding the development plans of 1/5000 of the land in question belonging to TCDD. However, in the said statement of TCDD, there were statements accusing or accusing our Metropolitan Municipality and raising suspicion. In other words, TCDD has literally made mugalata. Because the Metropolitan Municipality has not found any point in the news and comments in question or made a statement on the issue. It is not possible to understand the unnecessary and unnecessary accusation of the Metropolitan Municipality by the TCDD that it "did not do its duty".

In our opinion, the main focus of the statement made by TCDD and unjustly accused our municipality is another:

A construction that was started to be built near the Atatürk Monument in Ulus Square a while ago and which was stated to be a "water tank" (verbally), which was not included in the 1/5000 scale plan, was "without obtaining a construction license" by Tepebaşı Municipality. it is sealed because it started as "illegally". While TCDD started the illegal construction, it did not request a building license. Because when they make such an application, Tepebaşı Municipality will request 1/1000 scale plans and will or will not issue a license in the light of the arrangement in the plans. However, there is no 123/1-scale plan made for this area (also related to 1000 hectares of land). The aim of TCDD is to correct the "wrong and illegal transaction" on this construction that was started and sealed illegally. It has been calculated that if 1/1000 scale plans are made by the General Directorate, by including the illegal structure there, "wrong and illegal transaction" can be turned into a "correct operation".

At the same time, some intentional and wrong expressions were used in the statement of TCDD. For example, in the TCDD statement, it is called "The Metropolitan Municipality that requests and does not make a zoning plan change". Even this statement is an indication of how remotely the people who made the said statement looked at the event or the situation that they caused as a result of starting "unlicensed illegal construction" in a green area in this region, which is not well known in the public, is now an indication of their efforts to make the 1 / 1000th plan. Likewise, even though it is not on the agenda at the moment, when the 1/1000 scale plans are made, the "tea garden and green area", the title deed of which belongs to TCDD and located right across the Dumlupınar Primary School, can be opened to construction. However, it is also clear that the conscience of the Eskişehir public will not consent to the destruction of the green area by concreting it.

Eskişehir is presented with respect to the public's knowledge. " statements were included.


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