Public Transportation Fee Tariff Changes in Izmir

Public transportation fee schedule changes in Izmir
Public transportation fee schedule changes in Izmir

The second meeting of the August Ordinary Assembly Meeting of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was held in Bergama, which is famous for its historical richness, which is among the cities in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The presidential proposal to change the public transportation tariff was submitted to the relevant commissions.

Famous for its historical richness, which is among the cities on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Bergama witnessed a Metropolitan Municipality Council meeting for the first time. Upon the proposal of President Tunç Soyer, who aimed to introduce the historical and cultural values ​​of the district to the world, the second meeting of the Assembly in August was held at the Asklepion Theater, which dates back 2 years. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council decided to start a work to bring the Zeus Altar, whose parts were smuggled to Germany in the 400s, to Bergama, its homeland.

Important decision taken to the council meeting

The historical assembly meeting continued with the discussion of the motions added to the agenda by the Presidency. To use up to 49 million 800 thousand Euros with the French Development Agency (AFD) and up to 34 million dollars with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) as a result of the negotiations made by the General Directorate of IZSU within the scope of the "Izmir Drinking Water and Sewerage Project". Chairman Soyer was unanimously authorized to borrow.

New system in public transportation

With the motion that came to the agenda in the parliament, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality changes the public transportation fee schedule. According to the motion submitted to the parliament for approval; While a discount of 10 kurus will be made to the first boarding fee in the full tariff, it is foreseen that 90 kurus will be paid for the first two stops in 50 minutes. No changes will be made in the rates for students, teachers and 60 years old. If the assembly approves, the first boarding fee will be reduced from 3.56 TL to 3.46 TL. In the light of the principle of equity and fair distribution of burdens and taking into account the public interest, 0.50 TL transfer fee will be charged from citizens who use all means of transportation and boarding with full tariffs. In line with the same principles, with the aim of economically supporting our low-income citizens living in the suburbs of the city and having to make more than two transfers, they will not be charged for their transfers after the two. The new tariff proposal was submitted to the Plan, Budget and Consumer Commissions. The proposal will be submitted to the parliament after the commissions' review and will be voted on Friday, August 14th. On August 30 Victory Day, the proposal for public transportation to be 1 kurus was referred to the Plan Budget Commission.

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