'Respect to Ata Tour' on the First Bicycle Path of the Capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to be an example to other municipalities with transportation projects that make life easier. On the 400-meter Bicycle Road, the first stage of which was opened between the Anıtkabir and the National Library, cycling enthusiasts from outside Ankara started to cycle as much as Ankara residents. Bicycle lovers, who came to Ankara by bicycle from Izmir Cumhuriyet Square by contacting Ankara City Council Bicycle Assembly, took the “Respect for Ata Tour” tour on the first bicycle path of the capital.

The transportation projects implemented by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continue to facilitate the lives of citizens.

The "Bicycle Road", which is among the election promises of the Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who produces new projects with a human-oriented social municipality understanding, and recently opened, is flooded with visitors from all over the country.


Within the scope of the project carried out by the General Directorate of EGO, the 1-meter section of the 400st phase of the Bicycle Road, located between the National Library and Anıtkabir route, was completed and put into service by the teams of the Department of Science.

The first visitors of the “Bicycle Path”, where the capital's cycling enthusiasts started to cycle, came from Izmir. Cyclists from Izmir, who traveled 98 kilometers by bicycle in 6 days due to the 600th anniversary of the Great Attack, took a "Respect for Ata Tour" on the Bicycle Trail after completing their visit to Anıtkabir, the eternal resting place of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.


Members of the Bicycle Movement Association, ABIDOSD (Ankara Cycling Nature Lovers Association) and the Bicycle Communication Community, which contacted the Ankara City Council Bicycle Assembly and initiated the "Respect for Ata Tour", gave full marks to the first bicycle path of the Capital.

Stating that they have been waiting for a bicycle path to be built in Ankara for years and aiming to raise awareness for increasing use of bicycles, bike enthusiasts thanked Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who carried out the Bicycle Road project, with the following words:

  • Orhan Kotluk: “We started the respect for Ata bike tour from İzmir Cumhuriyet Square. It was the first time I used the bicycle path built by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. We have a dream with my friend. Traveling in 81 provinces in one item. I would like to thank the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality as a bike lover for this road it has built. ''
  • Murat Guzelcik: “I both liked the bicycle path built by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and I find it very useful. During the pandemic period, people started to use the bicycle path instead of public transportation. I would like to thank the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for providing this opportunity to people. "
  • Nevzat Helvacıoğlu (Head of Bicycle Communication Group): “Building a bicycle path in Ankara made us very happy. We want the entire Bicycle Path to be built for bike groups to ride on the route where university students are concentrated. I would like to thank our Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş and EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş for providing us with safe bicycle riding. "

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