10 November Message from the Minister of UDH Ahmet Arslan

Great personalities are remembered not by mourning, but with their ideas, works and devoted endeavors. We, as the people, commemorate Atatürk in the 79 year of his death, the Commander in Chief of our Independence War, a symbol of our independence and the founder of our Republic.

It should not be forgotten that 10 November 1938 is not the end of an era, it is the beginning of a new era for the republic, which Atatürk inherited from us in all respects. Hence, to claim the saint's memory of Atatürk, to make our Republic stronger, more democratic, more developed, which he called his, greatest work Dolayısıyla; in his own words 'above the contemporary civilization level' will be possible by removing.

Today, by adhering to the founding principles of our republic, preserving the fundamental values ​​of our republic, kazanWe continue on our way by increasing our investments and carrying our country to the modern levels it deserves. I believe that our future generations will fight with the same determination and determination to make our republic stand forever.

With this belief, I commemorate Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk once again with gratitude and mercy on the anniversary of his death.

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Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications

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