MEB Announces the Road Map of the Distance Education Period

The Ministry of National Education stated that during the three-week distance education process that will start on August 31, live lessons can be carried out by all teachers.

With the signature of the Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk, a circular regarding the training program that will start on 31 August 2020 was published.

Accordingly, as of Monday, August 31, 2020, the missing subject and content of the second semester of the 2019-2020 academic year through distance education will be determined. kazanImplementation of a training program for children will be started. In distance education, which will continue until September 18, priority will be given to eliminating learning deficiencies that cannot be processed face-to-face in the 2019-2020 academic year and that may affect students' readiness in the next grade.

The subjects and subjects of the upper grades of the courses of the second semester of the last academic year. kazan“critical issue and kazanPrograms for the courses were prepared by determining the “Implications”. Programs divided according to the relevant level, class and course name are given by MEB."Available on the internet address. In this context, the Ministry has published 4 activity examples consisting of 25 pages in electronic media for these programs to set an example for teachers with programs.

The activities that can be used both in face-to-face education and in distance education are provided by the teachers in the program of the relevant course. kazanProvided that the students reach them, they will be able to use them directly, adapt them or prepare and implement their own activity, depending on the situation of the school or the student.

The critical subjects and subjects of the lessons of the second semester of the last academic year kazanLesson content videos about the training will be broadcast on TRT EBA Primary School TV, TRT EBA Middle School TV and TRT EBA Lise TV channels. With the infrastructure to be offered through EBA, live lessons can be implemented by all teachers through other open source platforms and platforms created by private schools. Live lesson applications will be made by the teachers of the class that the students will attend in the 2020-2021 academic year. In order to implement the application, class and branch teachers will be assigned to the branches to be formed in the schools by the school administrations on 24-28 August.

Event examples prepared for live lessons

In order to set an example for teachers in the trainings to be carried out through live lesson applications, many activity examples were prepared in electronic environment for the programs. Examples of activities ""Available on the internet address.

When face-to-face training starts, as of March 23, class teachers or branch teachers will evaluate whether the trainings carried out on TRT EBA TV channels, EBA live course applications or the platforms created by private schools have reached their goals.

in the upper class kazansubclass that forms the basis of kazanIn case it is determined that the students cannot be taught and the learning deficiency continues, first of all, the subjects belonging to the lower class and kazanImplications will be processed, then a new topic and kazanNS/kazanoperations will continue. For this purpose, program maps of the courses prepared by the Ministry of National Education will be used.

Teachers working in lifelong learning institutions will continue their duties within the scope of the relevant legislation as of August 31.

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