Life Defenders Walk Against Kanal Istanbul Project

advocates against the channel istanbul project
advocates against the channel istanbul project

Ya Kanal Ya İstanbul Coordination, which came together once again against the Kanal Istanbul project that will destroy Istanbul, noted that they will continue the fight.

Ya Kanal Ya İstanbul Coordination came together once again against the Kanal Istanbul Project.

Fatoş Karaosmanoğlu read the press text of the protests in Kucukcekmece with the placards saying “We are living in pandemic, they seek rent” and the protests that protest the Kanal Istanbul Project.

Karaosmanoğlu said that while the peoples struggle with the epidemic, the economic crisis, and unemployment, the government continues without stopping the rent project that will sack the city and destroy its nature, “First, two historical / cultural assets made the tender to carry the bridge. While they gave us the idea of ​​'stay at home', they offered new opportunities to the capital during the corona days, knowing the opportunity to reproduce. Upon public reaction, they immediately decided to continue digital tenders with a regulation. This was not enough, Kanal İstanbul accepted the 1/100 thousand plan within the scope of the Yenişehr project, then they accepted the 1/500 master plan and 1/1000 scale development plans. ”

Karaosmanoğlu, who said that they trust not only the law but also the struggles of struggle, continued as follows: “Those who will destroy the last agricultural areas, waters, non-human living life of Istanbul and drive the main owners of the city are in the report, tourism projects for qualified people, hotels, fairgrounds, shopping malls. plan to build spacious, comfortable, luxurious residences. They establish their connection with the finance project and declare that they have built the 3rd bridge and 3 airports within this scope. ”

Underlining that either Kanal Ya İstanbul Coordination is the representation of the people who do not approve of this project, Karaosmanoğlu said, “This country does not need any more plunder and rent projects. The need of the people is to find a solution to unemployment, poverty, a democratic and free life. We do not approve of this 'death project, we continue to struggle with determination' ”.

After the announcement, Ya Kanal Ya İstanbul Coordination started a 4-kilometer march against the Kanal Istanbul project, which means destroying Istanbul.

Source: ETHA

Günceleme: 13/07/2020 12:31

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