e-busses will determine the seat adjustments of the capital city
06 Ankara

How Do You Like EGO Bus Seat Coverings?

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its participatory management approach. EGO General Directorate will renew the seat covers of EGO buses so that citizens can travel in a more robust, comfortable and ergonomic way. The Metropolitan Municipality is asking the citizens of the Capital by conducting a questionnaire about the choice of fabric design of the seats. [more…]

turkiyede mega projects coming to completion point

Coming to Mega Projects Completion Point in Turkey

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu, while Turkey is the world's most important infrastructure projects postponed due to the outbreak of the epidemic, he said the opportunity to translate. now in Turkey's seamless continuation of the project become a playmaker, he said. Covid-19 experienced all over the world [more…]

homeland boulevard completed in malatya
44 Malatya

Homeland Boulevard Completed in Malatya

The second phase of the Anayurt Boulevard, whose construction works were carried out by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, was also commissioned. The second stage work that connects Anayurt Caddesi to the Özsan Industrial Site with the intersection on Sivas Road makes the traffic breathe. Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Services Department [more…]

Modern Bridge with Lane to Kartepe
41 Kocaeli

4-lane modern bridge is being built in Kartepe

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its projects that provide comfort to the transportation of the city, is reconstructing the bridges that are old and do not respond to today's traffic density. The Department of Science Affairs, which connects Ertuğrul Gazi Neighborhood to Uzunbey District in Kartepe district and [more…]

wardrobe bus delights children before the feast
35 Izmir

Wardrobe Bus Delights Children Before Eid

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will delight thousands of families again as every holiday. Food packages will be provided to 10 thousand families who need support before the Eid al-Adha, and a total of 2 thousand pounds will be provided to 800 thousand families. Metropolitan's wardrobe [more…]

Educated caregiver support for the working mothers is over euro
06 Ankara

Trained Carer Support Increased for Working Mothers

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, announced that the educated caregiver support given to working mothers was increased from 200 Euros per month to 300 Euros this year. Minister Selçuk, co-financed with the European Union, by the Social Security Institution [more…]

a new level of hardware for the hyundai kona smarter
82 Korea (South)

A New Hardware Level for Hyundai KONA: 'SMART'

Hyundai Assan has developed a new level of equipment for its representative in the B-SUV segment, KONA. The hardware level called “SMART”, which was offered for sale in the second half of July, offers many comfort that promises high comfort to its users on long journeys in the city and in the city. [more…]

the first f-block modernized
06 Ankara

First F-16 Block 30 to be Modernized Delivered

As part of the F-16 Structural Improvement Project initiated by the Presidency of Defense Industry, the structural improvement of the first F-16 Block-30 aircraft was completed and delivered to the Air Force Command. Turkish Aviation and Space Industry Inc. (TAI) structural improvements [more…]

There is no epidemic in public transport vehicles in Kayseri
38 Kayseri

There is no epidemic in public transport in Kayseri

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality continues its cleaning and disinfection works, which it regularly carries out in every field against the Covid-19 epidemic, without slowing down in transportation. In this context, for disinfection processes in public transportation vehicles used extensively by citizens [more…]

trams run by kabitas bagcilar returned to normal after a break
34 Istanbul

Kabataş Bağcılar Tram Services Return to Normal After 4 Days

Metro Istanbul was stopped by the governor's decision due to the density of the citizens in the Ayasofya Mosque, which was converted from the museum to the mosque by the decision of the State Council from the social media account. Kabataş-Bağcılar announced that the tram services returned to normal after a 4-day interval. The statement made by Metro Istanbul is as follows: [more…]

The longest glass break in the world opened
86 China

World's Longest Glass Bridge Opened in China

The longest glass bridge in the world was opened in China. The glass bridge built on the river of the same name in Lianzhou province entered the Guiness Book of Records with its length of 526.14 meters. There are more than 2 glass bridges on Chinese soil. If the last bridge to open is [more…]

amasya cevre road was opened with a train
05 Amasya

Amasya Ring Road Opened to Service with Ceremony

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu made important statements about the Amasya Ring Road, ongoing projects and the agenda at the Opening Ceremony of Amasya Ring Road, attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan via video conference. Every day [more…]

Handover protocol signed for the gordes dam
35 Izmir

Transfer Delivery Protocol Signed For Gördes Dam

A handover protocol was signed between İZSU and the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) regarding the transmission and transmission lines of Gördes Dam that supply drinking water to İzmir. These are the facilities manufactured by DSI to deliver Gördes' water to İzmir. [more…]

latvia high speed train
371 Latvia

Estonian Parnu Latvian Border Railway Tender Concluded

Rail Baltica project organizer RB Rail concluded the tender of the Consortium of Protec and Obermeyer + Beraten, the subsidiary of the Indra company, for the design and construction supervision services for the 93,5 km section of the railway line between Pärnu and the Latvian border. Total [more…]

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