Sightseeing Tours Started
55 Samsun

Sightseeing Tours Started

Sightseeing tours were started on Samsunum-1, Samsunum-2 and Samsunum-3 ships belonging to Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, whose voyages were stopped within the scope of coronavirus measures. Samsunum-1 located on the Coastal Road, Samsunum-2 serving in Ayvacık and Samsunum-3 located in Vezirköprü district [more…]

Mask Awareness in Traffic Lights
54 Sakarya

Mask Awareness in Traffic Lights

Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Branch Directorate teams continue their remarkable work in the new normalization period. Raising awareness by placing the slogan 'Wear a Mask' on traffic lights in various places where there is a high density of vehicles and pedestrians. [more…]

Aselsan rises among the giants
06 Ankara

ASELSAN Rises Among Giants

ASELSAN ranks first among the defense companies in the Fortune Turkey 500 list According to the Fortune 2008 Turkey Research conducted by Fortune Turkey since 500 and listing Turkey's largest 500 companies. [more…]

Turasas were discussed at the meeting on stso.
58 Sivas

TÜRASAŞ was discussed at the meeting led by STSO

Under the leadership of Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry (STSO), with the participation of Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce and Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Turkey Rail System Vehicles Industry A.Ş. To evaluate the establishment of (TÜRASAŞ) [more…]

maintenance time for cars

Maintenance Time for Cars

Motul is expanding its product portfolio in the automotive industry with the new Car Care series. The car care and cleaning products in the Car Care line were developed based on Motul's many years of experience and expertise. your vehicle [more…]

civil servant and retirement salary increases

Civil Servant and Retirement Salary Increase Rates!

With the inflation data announced today, the increase in the inflation difference, which will be reflected in the salaries of millions of civil servants and retirees, has also been determined. In line with the collective agreement applied to civil servants in the first half of this year, [more…]

June inflation rate announced

June Inflation Rate Announced!

In Turkey-wide CPI (2003=100), in June 2020, 1,13 percent compared to the previous month, 5,75 percent compared to December of the previous year, 12,62 percent compared to the same month of the previous year. [more…]

domestic car with ships counting guns
16 Bursa

Gemlikli Local Automobile is Now Counting Days

Bursa has been known as Turkey's Detroit for years with its world's giant automobile brands, but the local automobile from Gemlik will add another value to the city. It is now at the stage of determining the groundbreaking day for the domestic automobile, which will be produced electrically with the technology of the day. That's it [more…]

happy july machinists day
06 Ankara

Happy 3rd of July Machinists Day

In our 163-year Turkish railway history, in our railway lines that bring prosperity, abundance and happiness to all corners of our country; 7/24, 365 days, our active staff, who ensures the rotation of the train wheel in all climatic conditions, without watching holidays. [more…]

stairwells in mainland isil isil
06 Ankara

Escalators in Ankara Işıl Işıl

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues the maintenance and repair works of escalators and elevators that have completed their economic life or are not working all over the city. Urban Aesthetics, which started a new application in Başkent [more…]

There is no passage to pirate transportation
41 Kocaeli

No Passage to Pirate Transportation in Kocaeli

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality does not give an opportunity to those who attempt pirate service activities by working "illegal" throughout Kocaeli. During the inspections carried out in this context, 10 vehicles were temporarily banned from traffic. AUDIT AGAINST PIRATE TRANSPORTATION As Pirate [more…]