Officer will be hired in the city tcdd

TCDD Will Recruit Civil Servants in 8 Cities

TCDD will recruit civil servants in 8 cities. Candidates will not be interviewed during the purchase with KPSS score. The appointments of the candidates in the purchases to be made without an interview will be shaped according to the KPSS scores they have received. TCDD, 8 in total [more…]

adnan meander bridge security elevators
41 Kocaeli

Security Measure for Adnan Menderes Bridge Elevator

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is building Pişmaniyeciler Square for Pişmaniye, which is the symbol of Izmit, in the area located in the center of the city. Right next to the square built in the area found by the old fishermen, on the side of the public house of the Adnan Menderes pedestrian bridge. [more…]

ways to find cheap flight tickets

Ways to Find Cheap Flights

Finding cheap air tickets, catching airfare campaigns is one of the specialties of frequent travelers. Because we love to travel and we don't want to pay a lot for it. Airfares today [more…]