Free place for those who want to establish a factory in Havza Organized Industrial Zone

free place for those who want to establish a basin osbde factory
free place for those who want to establish a basin osbde factory

Samsun Havza Municipality has a 100% grant for business people who want to invest in the rare organized industrial zone that passes through the railroad, without any infrastructure, land fees.

Havza Municipality continues to produce projects that will increase employment and support the economy. Havza Municipality allocates space to investors who want to invest in the Organized Industrial Zone (OSB), which consists of 56 factory parcels, with a 100 percent grant.

Saying that they have allocated free space to 8 companies so far, Havza Mayor Sebahattin Özdemir said, “We have 56 factory parcels in the OSB. It is an area of ​​about a thousand acres. It has an expansion area of ​​10 thousand acres. We have a rare Organized Industrial Zone passing through the railroad. It is the Organized Industrial Zone, which is established in a completely idle region, which does not harm any agricultural area to forest area. So far, we have allocated to 8 companies. One of our companies started production. 3 of our other companies will start production this year. The rest of them will have started production until mid-2021. ”

“We imagine an OSB, 56 of the plots of which are filled with the factory”

Addressing business people who want to invest, Mayor Özdemir said that there is only one prerequisite for free space allocation. Investment, OSB management should become operational on the date determined by expressing the Chairman Ozdemir, "here in the first basin, then our region for our investors, business people in Samsun I want to appeal to all investors, business people in Turkey. Here we have an organized Industrial Zone with everything ready and finished. With 56 percent grant, we allocate the desired plot without any infrastructure or plot value. We have only one prerequisite. On the date we will designate as the Organized Industrial Zone Management, the investment should start operating and the covered areas should be in the square we determine. Other than that, we do not request any fees. Hopefully, we imagine an OIZ, which is filled with a factory, to 56 of 3 parcels to Samsun. We have finished preparations for this. Our Organized Industrial Zone has gained great momentum in the last XNUMX years. Infrastructure has been dealt with for a long time. I can easily say that. If the investor cannot afford it, we are in a position to meet the expansion demand. Although I have a pandemic period, I hope that we will talk more frequently in Havza, which will create employment, and that we will base our foundation more frequently. ”

Mustafa Bakır, who is the general manager of a private casting company in the Havza Organized Industrial Zone, said, “In 2019, we received space allocation in Havza Organized Industrial Zone with the approval of the authorities. In December 2019, we started production by placing our building and machinery equipment. We completed our trial period in January. In the past 5 months, we have exported a total of 2 million Euros. By the end of the year, this figure will reach 4 million euros. Of course, there is a pandemic period that we live in this process. We survived the effects of this period in a very short time. The biggest factor in making this investment in Havza is the managers in the region. We understood that we can make this work easier and faster here. As an alternative, Havza Organized Industrial Zone has completed its infrastructures compared to other regions we have visited and undertook the burdens on its side for the investor. We preferred this region because it is completely ready. ”

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